Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amazing Glee

On Friday at assembly a group called glee peformed on stage. Before they started Miss M introduced what the dance would be about, also who it was dedicated to. She had said that the first dance was for the teachers and she said that the second one was a rap that Lepa had made up. So then after Miss M Introduced it we finally saw Glee getting ready for their chance to show us what they had done. Then Awhina and Miss M had a beautiful greeting to the teachers, then we saw a ballerina she was dancing like an angel. Also we saw a background of pictures of people.
Then it came to the second part of the item. So everyone started to gather up and we heard this really freaky noise it was like guns shooting up in the sky. Then we saw people starting to dance. We heard lots of stomps and we saw lots of smiles. After that Lepa started to walk in the middle in the front of the stage, then he started to rap all about The Point England Way.