Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Investigation: Balloon

Our extension group was investigating who's balloon could go faster! It was a privilege to do the balloon experiment! We had lot's of fun doing this. How do I do the balloon experiment? You might ask. Read my presentation below and the  " tutorial " will show you how!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

At The Funeral

"Welcome to the funeral service of Seluvaia Taifusi Uvea" ( in tongan ) I started to tear up when I heard her name, it was really sad to let her go! gone but not forgotten! R.I.P Seluvaia Taifusi Uvea

Going To The Movies- Saying Our Goodbyes

Last night my family and I went to hoyts cinema to watch Despicable Me 2 and The Heat. Making our way out of the car it was freezing so I got my blue jumper and put it on for warmth. I walked with my cousin Aethna through the mall and into the movies. We saw my aunty Licinda and Tiana calling our names , we couldn't see them because of the big huge crowd.

We finally met up together as a family, well half as a family! We were still waiting up for Lesley and my  aunty Margret! Sadly The Heat and Despicable Me 2 were already full so we had to watch Pacific Rim. For a little snack we went to Burger King and had a big feast. We bought us lots of Burgers and Fries even large drinks.

We were so full that we didn't feel like walking to Pak'n'save but we still did! We bought some snacks for the movie instead of buying popcorn and Ice cream. We bought things like, cadbury chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, grapes , drinks , lollies and chocolate bars, it was lots!!

During the movie I felt bored of it and wished to watch Despicable Me 2, but overall even though it was boring I think the movie was a movie of a lifetime and you never know . . . . it might be the next big thing!! We also said our goodbyes by doing  an all nighters at my house it was a throb! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

1st Week Holiday Highlight

It is the 1st week of the holidays and I have hardly slept @ home! I have been sleeping at a funeral home in panmure and so far I miss my aunty. Before my birthday my Aunty Seluvaia passed away, it was a heart break. So since monday I have been sleeping with my family at the funeral in the same room as she was in and that made me feel comfortable to know that she was there!

Every morning we wanted to make Seluvaia happy , so we would just straight away grab the broom and vaccum and get cleaning before washing oursleves and having breakfast because we want to give respect to our relative that passed. Every night we would have a service to talk about the good times we have had with Selu and give speeches. When they opened up her coffin I would see a beautiful face and I would go and give it a kiss.

Seluvaia Uvea was a really nice lady even though I didn't meet her , her name is tattooed in my heart and forever it will stay with peace and comfort. She was a caring lady , she was truly inspirational. She knows how to treat her kids nicely and healthily , she was raised in a perfect family! and three words remain in my family's heart - " We. Love. You" and that word will forever stay in our spirit.

Today we buried her, and we were REALLY sad. It was a heart throb. But we did a last service in the norning and I was crying really bad with my cousins , EVERYBODY was crying and so on. When we went to the cemetery , I saw a photo of her smiling as always, she has a wonderful smile! :) I wwas given a rose , so before I dropped it , I gave the flowers a kissed and dropped it into the grave :)  that fills up my light.  

 But the Lord aknoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all bpower unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. Amen.- Nephi 9:6

I wrote your name on the sky but the wind blew it away, I wrote you name on the sand but the waves washed it away, I wrote your name on my heart and forever it will saty- Love. We will meet again soon, we will meet together as one , we will gather as a family with our father above but now let's just be the best we can to make Selu happy :)

We love you Seluvaia Taifusi Uvea, may you be safe and may our hearts be with you and protecting you , we will meet you soon and once again " I love you" :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Love At Home- Ofa 'i api

There is beauty all around, when there's love at home. There is joy in every sound , when there's love at home. Piece and plenty here abide, smiling sweet on every side. Time doft  softly sweetly glide, when there's love at home. Love at home, love at home, time doft softly sweetly glide, when there's love at home. 







These words are mostly dedicated to my Aunty that has passed on, sorry I haven't been posting lately I am just really busy @ the funeral. R.I.P Aunty Seluvaia Uvea 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ribbons And Bows!

What do I mostly love in life? You may think I sound crazy, but it happens to be RIBBONS AND BOWS :) I happen to be seriously adoring these little things, I love it because of the style and the way it looks also when lot's of people where bows back in the day. "and as long as I got my suit and tie" - Justin Timberlake , I would really love to re-arrange that to "and as long as I got my suit and 'bow' " that would be better! Ribbons, are most the most adorable things. As you might know I wear a blue ribbon 24/7 because I am in love with it :) BOW'S BEFORE BROS- Bow Lovers <3 

Reflecting On . . . . ONESIES

Onesies are known as one of the most cosiest type of clothing people wear. It is ubiquitous! I see lot's of people wearing it, and hopefully I get one on my birthday. Some of them are cheap and some expensive , but I just can't help it. But that's just another story ! 

A Big Oppurtunity!

Today we had the chance to meet a part of our family that we have never met before , it was a true experience. I met Lia and Heilala , who happened to be my cousins who I didn't know! It all happened at a family gathering we got to introduce ourselves and have a very good time together. I hope that this can still go on in the future :) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Birthday Is Soon!

My birthday happens to be on this monday and to celebrate I will be going shopping and movies with my friend. I will be turning eleven and will have the best time. 11 years old , makes me think of how great it would be to be that age.

How To Play Netball

1. Move around , try avoiding your defender from defending you and get in front of your defender

2. Call out for the ball , so that the person that has the ball gets the attention to you 

3. Don't run or walk with the ball the only thing that has movement in your body are your arms unless you are pivoting

4. Once you pass the ball , support your team by not walking after pass but running after pass

5. Get the goal in, unless you are GS or GA (Goal shoot and Goal Attack)

Last Friday Of The Term!

What a delight it was! To celebrate the last day or Term 2 :( Oh, all the times we had , the laughs that laughed and mostly the smiles the widened! Today Room 16 , 17 ,and 18 had a shared lunch @ lunch time for two lovely girls taken by the name of Shiquera and Enyah-Lee. Lot's of people bought all types of different foods like Biscuits, Chips , Desserts and more :) My favourite food was the savoury muffins made and baked by Mr Mark's literacy group. I wouldn't lie but I had about 10 or 9 of savoury muffins! I can't help it.

But that wasn't all! We played the chocolate game where you had to roll the dice and if you get a six you need to dress yourself really fast and eat as many chocolates as you can with a fork and knife. At assembly , the Arohatia Te Reo movie competition results were announced . Sadly we did not win our grade competition but we still did our best! We were also gifted some Duffy books to help us with our reading and we had some very special guests at our assembly. They were from the post office and one was from parliament.

Did I also mention that the Point England choir performed featuring 2 people from Tamaki singing a very cool song, Wings originally sung by Little Mix. Last but not least we had the Tamaki College Band named Unique Soul perform at our school and we really enjoyed it. It was a big blow-out. I really hope that they come to our school next term !

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goals 2013

1. My goal is to complete my work properly because sometimes I get distracted 

2. I want to be able to post more and daily , so I can break a record

3. I want to achieve my maths in school , so I will be a able to learn my basic facts well and solving problems as well.

4. I need to attend more things , so that I can gain more attendance in my learning

5. I need to do more homework and focus properly on my work

6. I should be able to achieve all of the above @ the end of the year

7. My Goal is to work hard & play hard

8. I need to be confident in my thinking and not get distracted nor distract other people

9. I need to be able to be more fit and go to church more

10. I need to be confident, focused, be a smart system and more cyber smart ! 


Happy! A word to describe emotions in life. Filled with cheer, support and love. Including one big smile :) I would like to show you about what it feels to be happy to me :) 

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 1 premièred in 2010. It brings me memories to the first time I watched it! I first watched it on an airplane, on seat B5  @ the back. Despicable Me 2 happens to be the 'next big thing' and I hope that I get to watch it soon and it was premièred on July the 4th this month.  I am really sure that lot's of people will be watching it and be amazed :)

Let's take a preview on Despicable Me 1! Despicable Me 1 was about 3 little girls named Margo , Agnes  and Edith who were foster kids meaning they don't have any parents. They were raised in a foster home , which is where kids with no parents  stay! Gru, main character, happens to be a villain and is on a new mission. He needed some help  with his mission , so he adopted the three girls! Want to know more watch or buy the movie @ your local Video store! :) 

Mufti Friday!

Last week Friday , our school was fundraising for the Yr 6 camp at the end of the year . By fundraising , the school prefects announced that there will be a Mufti Friday and it costs a gold coin , it also costs a gold coin to go to the disco for the year 4, 5 & 6. It was a blast. At the disco it was pretty crazy , lot's of people didn't seem to enjoy well others were dancing really hard. I was pretty shocked!

I can not wait to see how much that we raised for the Yr 6 camp :) 

Pet Peeves?

My Pet Peeves A.K.A the things I hate are mostly when people chew with their mouth OPEN! The reason that it annoys me is because of the sound and the looks inside your mouth , ugh! My second pet peeve is when people step @ the back of your shoe and then you put it back  on and then they do it again.  Last but not least, is when people put really loud music on ? I REALLY LOVE MUSIC! But, I would prefer if it was down more. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Delightful Weekend!

After my brothers rugby game, we went all the way to my Nana's house in papakura which was really far. It was so far that I slept inside the car. When we made it, we noticed pink and purple streamers on the high doorstep, with balloons. I stepped inside and greeted my Grandma and Great- Uncle , I was really starving but we were just in time for food.

I had a lot, after that I went to go to the little baby birthday girl, Rosie, wearing her wonderful lovely fluffy pink dress and Lesley wearing her velvet purple dress. I held Rosie up, to give her about 10 kisses , then I just looked after her. I looked back and notice the cupcake palette on the table, but that was for the birthday girls.

My Aunty Lucy had a box full of cupcakes , and asked me if I wanted some, so what can I say? The cupcake had a purple swirl buttercream frosting and some edible sparkles and a butterfly topping. After that, I plopped Rosie next to my Nana and went outside in the backyard. My Nana lives in a BIG house with 2 bathroom 6 bedrooms  and a BIG garden and backyard. So I went outside to go and get some apples and satsuma's from my nana's fruit tree ,  I also went to see her pumpkin garden.

I mentioned kids are getting their face painted by my Aunty Ana, so I just went and got my face painted because I was in the mood. I got a mickey mouse on my cheek and my name on the other , I also tied a bow on my bun. And so the day went on . . . 

My Writing Goals!

listen to ‘Josephine writing goal’ on Audioboo

I have recorded in audio boo about my writing goals.  First , Mr Marks set a google doc for us , filled with questions to answer. They were about our writing goals because we need to work hard on our writing. Once we finished we had to record our answers onto the ipad. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rosie & Lesley's Birthday!

What a delight it was, to celebrate two most beautiful girls in the family :) I would just like to put out a VERY VERY big happy birthday to my two adored cousins Lesley and Baby Rosie. Today I had the chance to go to my Granparents house and have a very big happy celebration. Happy Birthday Rosie and Lee (Lesley for short) I hope you feel VERY special today :)

Friday, July 5, 2013


Yellow, one of my favourite colours of all time , just as equal as Baby Blue. I love these colours because they are VERY bright and sensitive. I loved those colours since I was little and still have grown up with it.  

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 , has have had some great and bad times  , but still flows through the river :) So far studying Documentary's and Biography's about Antarctica as part of our topic PSI has been a great experience to find new opportunities in the future:) Our trip to Kelly Tarltons has been the best so far! My dislikes about this term is to be having to run before morning tea. But what I really liked about this term is having to study about one of the worlds coldest places.

The hardest part of term 2 is having to get things finishing sharp! One of the most coolest things about term 2 is having to explore new things on Minecraft.

Xtra Math

Yay! I haven't been posting about my highlights in X-tra math , so why not do one? Lucky me , I have found success in my true X-tra math talent :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More of Tough Enough - Sneak Peek!

I gasped and was in shock. A tear streamed down my eye, 'Your nothing but a loser' she confessed. I was easily irritable too , I mean she pushed me! I wish she could see her mistakes! It's just not fair. 'Everybody get back to your seats, oh, Jamie, what happened are you alright? who did this? I will make them pay ! ' Miss Coleman said. ' Students, who treated our new student like this?' Miss Coleman said she was about to thrust her anger out when nobody answered, especially Amanda!

Tough Enough

Here is a story / novel/ narrative book I wrote about life as a teenager, this is only part of it and I'm not even halfway of finishing it , but here is a little preview or review! 

Title: Tough Enough
Author: Josephine


It was a cold windy sunday, I wasn't looking for this. I got out of bed and pulled the curtains apart seeing a really bad weather. 'Another day of fail' I said to myself. I was to scared to go to school, you got the bullies , bad people and even gangs. I opened the door to expect a quiet house with no rush. 'BOO!' I heard Nirian say. 'It's not funny!' I claimed back. He's always doing this to me, how long does it take him to stop it. I walked in the kitchen and saw mom cooking breakfast. 'Whats go you up?' She said. 'Pain & Fear!' I claimed. She stopped cooking immediately and put the spatula down! 'Is there something wrong, Jamie?' she asked confused. ' It's just that um its-' I paused and went back upstairs for my usual morning routine. You know, brush my teeth, shower and most recently deodorant. I grabbed my bag and my gear for netball trials. 'What's up with you? Nirian questioned. 'Nothing, just hurry up and walk to school!' ' Okay I will j-j-j-just calm down okay, I'm walking now!' I sighed and saw mom giing Nirian a kiss while he goes out the door. 'Come on honey you'll be very late for school' She said. I gave her a hug and walked slowly to school, not bothering to talk or blink.

I was to scared to go to school, in fact I didn't want to bother telling you ALL about it. I mean c'mon? I'm Jamie and I need time. I stopped outside of school. I breath in and out . . I wasn't expecting it to be THIS full. ' JAMIE, JAMIE, JAMIE!' I heard a call. It was Nirian calling me to come inside school. I sighed and slowly walked through the chocolate brown gate. I opened the door looking down and taking one more breath take. I raised my head slowly and was in fright. There was a lot of bullying around the hallway and I just felt like going back out of the door. 'RRRIIINNGGG' the bell just went. I walked into my class which was B4. I wish I went back 'B4'  Nirian could call me. I enetered the class and was gazing @ the floor. I bumped into someone and noticed my phone fell out of my pocket. 'Uggh, excuse me, get out of my way' A mysterious girl ordered (didn't know what her name was but she was mysterious. 'I am so so so sorry , here let me help you ' I claimed, I led out a hand expecting her to take hold on it. She didn't. 'Ugh, i'm not going to touch those sweaty hands! I'm Amanda and I don't take orders from puke looking girls''  she said. Her name was Amanda. ' I was just trying to help! I'm SORRY!' I claimed back, but she was in anger action REALLY fast , I mean ACTION FAST. She clenched her fists, and game me one powerful thrust. 

I gasped and was in shock. A tear streamed down my eye, 'Your nothing but a loser' she confessed. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sam & Cat

Is it a boring show? NO, are you addicted to it? YES!!! Sam & Cat, ah, I love those three words. Sam & Cat happens to be a TV show nickelodeon's and is known as one of the best! The show features Jeanette Mccurdy as Sam from ICarly and Ariana Grande as Cat from Victorious. The show premièred on June the 8th and is still a big hit.

Did I mention that the show was a crossover spin-off? It all started when Cat and Sam didn't know each-other, but they end up meeting each other in the garbage  truck! How hilarious is that. I would love to meet the creators and the stars. Want to know more? Remember to  watch the episodes on nickelodeon or on YouTube!  Here is the link to the Sam and Cat website: Sam & Cat, remember to watch it! It'll blow your mind!  I do not own the rights to this image all credits go to the owner , everything goes to the owner! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Going Kelly Tarlton's.

Today , yes today, we went to Kelly Tarltons as part of our Topic , PSI. We learnt so much more about the explorers and about the animals that lived there. We saw Sting Rays, Fishes and my favourite penguins also sea horses. What I loved mostly about Kelly Tarltons was that we got to learn new things that we never knew before.

MVI 0236 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
When we first got there, we took a learning class with one of the workers, Janice. She told us about the animals, the habitats and even the explorers , and well . . . EVERYTHING. It was pretty long, but you never know the longer you learn the shorter you do! Next we had our morning tea and went to eat @ the park. 

It was extremely cool, we got to go on the BIG firefox, and we also got to go on the swings and more. So far, it was cool being @ Kelly Tarltons, because it was like embarking with the animals that was there. Thanks to all the workers that helped us have good time. 

Thanks to Lesieli for editing my work!