Monday, July 8, 2013

A Delightful Weekend!

After my brothers rugby game, we went all the way to my Nana's house in papakura which was really far. It was so far that I slept inside the car. When we made it, we noticed pink and purple streamers on the high doorstep, with balloons. I stepped inside and greeted my Grandma and Great- Uncle , I was really starving but we were just in time for food.

I had a lot, after that I went to go to the little baby birthday girl, Rosie, wearing her wonderful lovely fluffy pink dress and Lesley wearing her velvet purple dress. I held Rosie up, to give her about 10 kisses , then I just looked after her. I looked back and notice the cupcake palette on the table, but that was for the birthday girls.

My Aunty Lucy had a box full of cupcakes , and asked me if I wanted some, so what can I say? The cupcake had a purple swirl buttercream frosting and some edible sparkles and a butterfly topping. After that, I plopped Rosie next to my Nana and went outside in the backyard. My Nana lives in a BIG house with 2 bathroom 6 bedrooms  and a BIG garden and backyard. So I went outside to go and get some apples and satsuma's from my nana's fruit tree ,  I also went to see her pumpkin garden.

I mentioned kids are getting their face painted by my Aunty Ana, so I just went and got my face painted because I was in the mood. I got a mickey mouse on my cheek and my name on the other , I also tied a bow on my bun. And so the day went on . . . 

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  1. Hey Josephine,

    I really enjoyed really your story. I thought it was nice and easy and you did really well.

    Keep Up The Good Work. By Rave