Friday, July 12, 2013

Last Friday Of The Term!

What a delight it was! To celebrate the last day or Term 2 :( Oh, all the times we had , the laughs that laughed and mostly the smiles the widened! Today Room 16 , 17 ,and 18 had a shared lunch @ lunch time for two lovely girls taken by the name of Shiquera and Enyah-Lee. Lot's of people bought all types of different foods like Biscuits, Chips , Desserts and more :) My favourite food was the savoury muffins made and baked by Mr Mark's literacy group. I wouldn't lie but I had about 10 or 9 of savoury muffins! I can't help it.

But that wasn't all! We played the chocolate game where you had to roll the dice and if you get a six you need to dress yourself really fast and eat as many chocolates as you can with a fork and knife. At assembly , the Arohatia Te Reo movie competition results were announced . Sadly we did not win our grade competition but we still did our best! We were also gifted some Duffy books to help us with our reading and we had some very special guests at our assembly. They were from the post office and one was from parliament.

Did I also mention that the Point England choir performed featuring 2 people from Tamaki singing a very cool song, Wings originally sung by Little Mix. Last but not least we had the Tamaki College Band named Unique Soul perform at our school and we really enjoyed it. It was a big blow-out. I really hope that they come to our school next term !

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