Monday, July 1, 2013

Going Kelly Tarlton's.

Today , yes today, we went to Kelly Tarltons as part of our Topic , PSI. We learnt so much more about the explorers and about the animals that lived there. We saw Sting Rays, Fishes and my favourite penguins also sea horses. What I loved mostly about Kelly Tarltons was that we got to learn new things that we never knew before.

MVI 0236 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
When we first got there, we took a learning class with one of the workers, Janice. She told us about the animals, the habitats and even the explorers , and well . . . EVERYTHING. It was pretty long, but you never know the longer you learn the shorter you do! Next we had our morning tea and went to eat @ the park. 

It was extremely cool, we got to go on the BIG firefox, and we also got to go on the swings and more. So far, it was cool being @ Kelly Tarltons, because it was like embarking with the animals that was there. Thanks to all the workers that helped us have good time. 

Thanks to Lesieli for editing my work!

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