Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mirror Changes Way Women Look At Themselves.

Recently I have been watching a video based on how Women look at themselves. First, the mirror asked " How do you look? " Most of the women disagreed that they were beautiful. The mirror then tells them how inspirational they are and beautiful they are. I really thought the video brought lots of love to women around the globe. I was truly truly inspired of how an ' object ' rather than a 'human' could tell so many lovely things to people! Watch carefully and see how you can change the way you think you look!  Be positive today, right now! #ImEnough

Monday, September 22, 2014

Unique Sport Pagi Presentation!

New Project 3 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
 Here is a presentation based on a game called Pagi. This game is part of our topic for game on. Where we had to create a presentation and a movie on a sport that is 'not' played in the commonwealth. I do hope you enjoy! Here is a movie to go with it :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cross Country

The 11th of September marked the day of the Point England cross country. Cross country, is an event that is held every year for our whole school. Our school was fortunate enough to have good weather.

Every year in cross country each house coloured team will have the chance to say a chant, to earn points. Our house coloured teams are named after the seven canoes (our ancestors came in), but only four of them. Such as Mataatua  Takitimu, Tainui and Te Arawa.  Each team has a house captain, who are one of the biggest supporters for their house. They encourage others to never stop.

As I changed into my running clothes, I felt really nervous. I wasn’t ready for this. When the clock struck close to 12pm , my heart started to grow heavy, my palms were sweaty and butterflies were in my stomach. I sat on the courts nervously looking around, only to see a few people excited and highly strung at the same time.   

Luckily the Year 7 & 8 got to support and watch the younger kids finish off the race.  Fortunately I started to lose my butterflies as I saw the others trying their best. Unfortunately, the weather was growing too hot.  I felt drips of sweat streaming down my forehead.    Mrs Nua then announced that it was time for the Year 7 Girls to get ready for the race.

My butterflies grew back.  I felt really unusual. As I went to line up for the race, I started to play with my fingers, not paying attention to anything at all. Mr Burt was standing on the sideline, with his blocks, ready to start the race.  “ BANG! “ the blocks crashed together loudly., in the blink of an eye.  I sprinted at first, which wasn’t the right choice to make.

Running through the mud, I searched for my friends at the same time, hoping I’d had catched up to them. As I looked down ,  I noticed splashes of mud all over my feet, “ Uuuugggghhhh “ I thought. It felt totally disgusting.  Catching up to Ms. V , my lungs started to pump, and I started to breath heavily.

“ Keep on going! “  shouted Mr. Slade. At that, my legs started to hurt but my lungs were going fine. I felt really, really sore.  So I decided to stop. As I got to Ms Erasmus, I had started to do a little jog, to help me get to the finish. I finished my first lap and was ready to go for a second lap!  

Overall Cross Country was really exhausting, and I am really proud of myself. I look forward to coming a place next year, and moving non- stop too. Cross Country may be bad at first but as few years come you will get used to this really tiring event!  :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

To John Key ( Prime Minister )

TO John Key ( Prime Minister )

Hello Prime Minister John Key. My name is Josephine and I am a twelve year old student at Point England School. Today in class, we were discussing how plastic is polluting the sea and how its causing trouble to our ocean. I think that we should ban plastic from the ocean due to unhealthy sea creatures, polluted sea, accumulation of rubbish and an unhealthy environment.     

Plastic should not be wasted but we should as New Zealanders reduce, reuse and recycle our plastic belongings. Plastic is one of the things that have infested our oceans and the creatures living in it too. When they consume plastic it is very toxic for the sea creatures because they mistake it for food. When they swallow it, it causes stomach and liver problems. Not only to sea animals but birds too.  

An oceanographer named Charles J. Moore said that “this is choking our future in ways that most of us barely aware”. He has just finished his first in depth survey of the great Pacific garbage patch.

New Zealand should avoid having to throw away plastic bags. We should be able to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our country should be healthy and in good condition. I’d recommend that New Zealand should start to change our country into a tidy environment. Having a cleaner environment is very healthy for us and our living sea animals.

This letter represents why we should recycle plastic bags and not put them into landfills. Because it can put us at risk and the underwater creatures too. Prime Minister, I think that we should start to make a change today!

Yours Sincerely

Monday, September 1, 2014

Why Should Children Exercise ?

Kids should always exercise everyday due to having a healthy strong body. When having a healthy body, you will be able to do lot’s of physical activities like playing sports. I’d recommend that kids shouldn’t eat foods with lots of calories because it affects the way the body works. Eating foods that have vitamin c is a great big YES! It can help you improve your fitness and your thinking too!

Unfit people are not very fond of walking or jogging. Walking at least twice or once a day is recommended for all ages especially sedentary people as well. The reason behind this is because walking/jogging can give you a full active body. Meaning that when you are active, you could have the ability to join lots of sports or maybe even  better!

Exercise is very valuable for your lungs and heart.  Because it can increase the energy in your lung and heart which makes it stronger and healthier! Meaning you can walk, play sports or run even longer than usual! Taking action in being fit also supports  weight. When you are exercising the calories in the food you eat will start to burn off.  When you are active fitness gives you a better self-image and improves your confidence too!

Daily physical activities can be fun! Sometimes exercise can be part of your favorite daily things to do in life, like running with your friends, walking the dog, playing on the playground and also playing sports. Activities at school , like kiwi kick, soccer or basketball is an example of fun physical exercising.

Not only is exercise good but also eating foods that have vitamin C! When consuming foods that have less calories it supports your health too. If you eat lots of foods that have a bad amount of sugar or sodium, this may also lead to a disease called diabetes. Diabetes can hurt people of all ages, not just adults. Healthy foods like Carrots and oranges is a great example of vitamin C! So healthy foods should be eaten more and unhealthy foods should be eaten more less.

These paragraphs represent why kids should exercise daily. Researching the internet, I have found out that 40 million under the age of 5 were really overweight in 2012. So the point of what  I am saying is children should exercise daily because it is really healthy and good for you and it also puts you out of worries.

Storyline Festival

The Point England extension group were fortunate enough to go to the Telstra Clear stadium and listen to special authors! Such as Paula Green, Catherine Mayo, Jill MacGregor and Juliette Mclever. These authors shared stories about how they developed books for children and how they got to become great authors! The authors that I enjoyed the most was Paula Green and Jill MacGregor.

Paula Green told us about her life and how she loved poetry and it really inspired me! Paula has just released a book called  '' The Letterbox Cat And Other Poems " you can check out her blog here Jill MacGregor was an author who traveled around the pacific, her books were about peoples shape of life. The thing I most enjoyed about her was how lucky she was to travel around some countries.

If I were an author to present at the storyline festival, I would bring my first book I ever wrote and tell people what it felt like to publish this book and tell things that inspired me to write about it! Unfortunately the Authors only spoke for a few minutes. I was really looking forward to hearing about the first book they have ever read! I want to find out how long the authors take to write a book.

While sitting down at the Storyline Festival, I was really inspired by the Authors. I really loved how they tried to talk so much in such little time. Storyline Festival taught me lots I have not yet known. I really hope I get to see the same authors next year, so that they could tell me more. I especially loved how the authors connected a lot with the audience.