Friday, October 25, 2013

The Evil Farmer

On a warm foggy morning, a family feast was planned at Kim Tan’s house. Kim Tan thought that corn would be best to put on the table. He went out into the hot sun and went into the shed. With no notice, Oteira was spying on Kim Tan, to see what he was up to. Oteira always had something evil to do in mind. “ Aaah , here it is “  Kim Tan said as he picked up a few small packets of corn seeds. He started digging the mud out and started planting the corn seeds. While watering the plant , Oteira found his way to sneak in and put more seeds in and a tint of potion. Kim Tan finally had his break and had a snooze in the middle of his plants that were growing .

After 10 minutes of sleeping, he gave a loud yawn. He woke up in the middle of nowhere! “ Wha-wha-wha? What happened? “ He looked around confusingly . “Hello!” He gave one big shout , no response. Kim Tan sat down for  a minute and thought about who did this . “ Oteira? No it must not be. But I am mostly thinking . . .. it is him!” Kim Tan knew who it was but not most of the problem was yet solved. Kim Tan grabbed something from the ground he ‘thought’ would be a machete , but as he touched the ground , it was , it was . . . .  gone! How could it be, he must’ve lost it! He was in total rage, he was too jaded of playing games. He looked around searching and searching. No sign. “ Hello! “ He gave one loud shout.   “ Yikes! Woah , calm down mate! “ A very unfamiliar voice was spoken. Kim Tan turned around , and saw a scare crow ‘ speaking ‘ .  “ Yeah, keep your voice down! Hey . . . your Kim Tan, Oteira had always wanted to destroy your farm” Kim Tan was very curious about this . “ I used to be her best friend, until she wanted to be alone and she cast a spell on me” The crow continued.

“ I knew it ! She was always suspicious about things that are related to my farm! “ Kim Tan claimed.
“ How do I find my way out of here?” He questioned the scare crow. He turned around and the crow was gone. “ Hello?” Kim Tan said. Kim Tan thought he was a trick. Suddenly, he heard little murmuring from the back. Until he saw . . . the weepers! Kim Tan gave one loud gasp, he saw that they were taping the  scare crows mouth, because they thought that he would tell Kim Tan.  Kim Tan found his machete beside him all tangled up in a plant. He grabbed it and shooed the weepers away. “ Please tell me how to get rid of this! Please” Kim Tan begged to the scare crow. “ Underneath the soil is a glowing root, you will need to cut it “ The scare crow explained. “And it will also make me go back to human again! “ He continued.

Kim Tan followed the instructions and their vision went black and they could see some flashes shining. Then it went back to normal and everything came back again. Also the corn’s were ready. Oteira saw what happened and was furious. Kim Tan called him on the cops and they arrested him. “ Want to join us for dinner?” asked Kim Tan. “ Sure “ said Jack ( The scare crow) It was a lovely dinner. “ Eat the corn!” Said Kim Tan , Jack gave one bite . “ It tastes much better than Oteira” “ Well you always got to expect the unexpected “ And then they lived happily after.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Story Of The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1998 , it cost 35 million pounds to build. The Eiffel Tower was created by Gustave Eiffel for the 100th year of the French Revolution. There was 107 bids confirmed to construct the Eiffel Tower, over 30 people worked on the design and more than a 100  built the features and parts.

The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be built in Barcelona , Spain, But the people who lived there denied it. In fact the tower was supposed to be kept for 20 years, but people disliked the tower and wanted it down.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Blog Has Finally Graduated!!

My blog had graduated and turned into level 500. I am very proud of myself and my blog. Whew! Writing 500 blog posts in three years? Must be alot! Especially as an ambassador. I didn't even know that I had 500.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

About Taxes


I have been learning and researching about Taxes and IRD ( Inland Revenue Department ) with Miss Wood. We have learnt a lot as ambassadors. This is part of our trip to Wellington because we are very lucky to speak to the IRD members.  I got to learn a lot new things such as, what happens if you don't pay your taxes.  Did you know that the government collects money from those who have jobs? 

                                                               About Taxes
Taxes are money that is given to the government. The government spends the money on good things like for example, Education, Students Loans and Social Security and Welfare.  The government collects the money from the people in New Zealand who have jobs. Some other countries, like Dubai do not even pay taxes , because a king is living there and he is really rich. Student Loans are part of taxes as well. Students ask the government if they can “ borrow" the money. 

Churches can be related to collecting taxes because they collect money from the members from the church and this is used to help the church.   If no-one paid their taxes there may be a chance of going to court.   

If someone leaves the country without re-paying their taxes they will be penalised. 

Ever heard of GST? GST stands for good services and tax. GST is when a shop, gives 15% of money to the government. For example , if you're going to buy a shirt and it costs 50 dollars  , some of the money doesn’t go to the shop, it goes to the government.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hansel And Gretel! Island Style!

Here is a narrative I have previously wrote for an extension task. Our task was to write a known fairytale but to give it an Island/ G. I twist. We had lot's of fun doing this overall. Of course, I chose Hansel And Gretel! But instead I did Leli and Taro! I hope you enjoy!

Leli and Taro, were very obedient  to their mother who was always giving orders to them, their father died from a previous car accident . Ever since, they have been always eating Bunkeke all the time,  each day they will always feel sick because of the oil inside.One day , Leli  overheard his mother and  heard her say that she was abandoning  the kids in the village far far away so they could never find their way back! Leli told Taro but she thought that he was just over acting the whole thing. she told him to just relax. Taro and Leli were sleeping by then , until they heard jandals flapping.  They were frightened! “ Sau, ta wo le night market” The evil stepmother said. She was actually tricking them.
“Ok” replied taro. “Don’t it’s a trick we’re not even going night market eah “ Leli said.
“If you guys DON’T come I will put you to sleep in the garden. “ Interrupted the mum. She pulled their shirts up and went down into the forest. Taro sobbed bitterly. She was jaded of living with her mother only wishing her dad came back. Their mother murmured an excuse and then took off laughing evily. “ I should’ve trusted you!” Taro said. “Shh” “Whaat?” “Shhh, look at that house” They now saw a corned beef house with the knob covered in corn beef juice. “We have not had this since dad went” declared Taro. “i know , it was the most precious thing that we ate.

“ They went inside the house and started eating the plasters of the wall, the table , the spoons and even the chair. When Leli was about to eat the door , the door creaked open and an ill- fated Witch appeared. She had a greasy mole on her head and had acene all over her face. “ Well , well , well , who are these little grease tooth children?”  The Witch was reaching for something suspicious on the beef book shelf. “ You must try this delicious golden corn beef “ she continued. Slam! A cage unexpectedly trapped them. “ Mwahahahhahahah! Welcome to my trap, where I keep all the kids to mix them and roast them. She pointed to two familiar pig heads. “ You see that? that was Hansel and Gretel , not anymore they are piggy and tiggy “ She explained.

The Witch grabbed Leli’s head and started sniffing all over it. “ AHA! I knew you would be delicious! “ She hauled him outside of the trap. “ You my lady , are going to be my cleaning maid, thats right! clean up all the grease and turn it into a candy house for my next meal to come in, start with the sweeping! “  She demanded.  Taro grabbed a broom, while doing that she looked carefully at what the witch was going to do to her brother. She saw the witch tieing him up and placing an apple in his mouth. With unexpectation Taro pulled Leli back and gave one big powerful thrust to the witch and into the oven.

Taro untied him and got rid of the apple. “ Thank you! “ Said Leli . “ It’s alright , i’m sorry i did-” Taro was cut off by a pile of yummy piled food. It was stacked up from floor to ceiling , “ This is what she probably uses to track down kids ! right?” asked Leli. They went back and forth taking piles of food to their house and guess what? They found out that their mother has been arrested for Child Cruelty. And so they lived happily ever after!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Understanding Road Safety

In the mornings you may be familiar with a big orange neon lollipop. Also kids wearing the same coloured vest as the lollipop. " Patrol's"  or  "Patrolers " are the name of it. They take part in keeping children and adults safe and sound. Each year some kids volunteer to take part in the crossing patrol for their school. It is an important part of the school and community. I have been doing patrols for a year and a half now, and it is good to know that the children are safe. Each morning the patrolers have to get going to school before 8 o 'clock , I find it as disaster but know what my job is and how it is done.

Not just the lollipops , but the big traffic buttons . These buttons cost a lot of pounds and I'd prefer you use it carefully. The patrolers will be there. When pressing the buttons and in the rush , please don't press them too much because they find it hard to focus on the road. The buttons are not used for kicking or for karate , they are used to press! I hope you understoood the Road Safety!

Thing I want to learn about

1. I want to learn about record deals and recording studios

2. I want to learn about the difficulties of life in getting a job

3. I want to study the family tree

4. I am wanting to learn the essentials in life

5. I want to learn and study about the New Zealand Heritage

6. I want to learn new maths problems

7. I will need to learn how hard it is in the ARMY and the NAVY

8. I would love to learn how to start a boat and an aeroplane

9. I would be delighted to learn how to build a whole house!

What would you want to learn? 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Plans!

For Halloween I decided to celebrate it with my best friend , Angel. As she is going to be Superwoman and I will be a Minion from Despicable Me. We were talking about it today as we were walking back home. I told her it was easy , just get some yellow tights and yellow beanie and sleeve top and pair it up with  a dungaree and set. And also wear black shoes. We are going to do out trick or treating at a very nice place where we always go each five years since we've been friends. All though she will help me. And then we were talking a little bit about Christmas and told her I wanted High-knee kitten socks, cause I thought they were too cute!

Kinder Bueno

An old-school favourite of mine is the chocolate " Kinder Bueno " filled with joy. The packet contains not one but ' two' bars of chocolate. I love the smooth yummy milk inside it and the patterns on top of the chocolate is just really cool. Kinder Bueno can come in all sorts of flavours . You may be familiar with the word " kinder " right. Like " Kinder Surprise ? " .

Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to heaven is a Korean Drama Movie. It is based on a girl named ( Hon-Jong-Su) who has a really nice friend named ( Shon- jong) together they both find their way through life. Hon-Jong - su lived with her stepmother and Father. The stepmother bought her poor kids to the rich house. Their names were " Hon-Yu- Li" and " Hon- De- Huan" . The stepmother was very jealous of Jong- Su getting higher grades then Yu-Li. I can't give the rest of the story out. I recommend you should watch it!It has offically been known as my favorite movie EVER!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Minions are very smart and cute . In fact, Minions are really popular right now. "What are Minions?" You may ask. Minions are little cute cartoon characters  in the Movie Despicable Me. I think that they have a hug personality and a very big brain. I think that they are very cute 100% . My favourite thing about them is their language , did you know they speak banana language. Now that is very smart! The banana song has gone Viral and I think it's very cool and entertaining :)


Vines are VERY popular now . Vines are six or seven second video's made by thousands 'national' some say that a Vine that went really Viral was "Don't drop that durka durk" in re-creating Finnaticz song " Don't drop that thun thun " I can't believe such talent can be shown in 7 or 6 second wow! Here is a video introducing you to the app. 

Getting Ready For School

Here is a few things that I think every child should do when it comes to school. If you don't understand leave feedback please!

1. Wake up and clean you bed you don't want to come back to a messy bed do you?

2. Have a nice fresh clean shower! Wash all the dirt away from you and all those little drawing marks on you. 

3. Get ready! The night before you go to school , iron and hang your clothes. Put a bit of deodorant and fragrance on

4. Fix and style! Fix up your hair, make sure it's clean and tidy and that it lasts long also get a pair of shoes that you are comfortable with. I prefer doing all of your collars up to make you look really smart in your thinking.

5. Have a good breakfast!  If you wanna make a yummy healthy breakfast , I have previously made a post about it, be free to check it out.

6. Preparation! Make sure you got everything you need like permission slips , homework , net book and even lunch. 

7. Make the most of your day at school and have fun!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Going To The Auckland Vs Canterbury Game @ Eden Park

On the 28th of September , the Yr 5 & 6 rugby team got to go to Eden Park. It was a really cool experience going to the game and cheering for the blues. My favourite moment was when every time a blue scored a try the crowd would always stand up and go wild, or as they say in New Zealand " The crowd goes wild!" The worse moment was when we all spent half of our money on expensive hot chips, but it was still worth the taste. Guess who won? THE BLUES! We were very happy and proud of them. The most memorable moment was when Sela , Quasia , Elizabeth, Rowana and the others faces were showing on the big screen! I'm sure that moment was memorable to them too. ( The photo happens to be legal, all credits and all rights to the owner)


Bucket List

Here is only a " quarter " of things on my bucket list. I  have a really big list.

1. Go to America

2. Audition for new things to entertain others

3. When my hair grows 'really' long , cut half of it and send it to cancer charity.

4. Open a YouTube channel at a standard mature age

5. Go to all my idol's concert

6. Meet the tallest person in the world ever

7. Build my own tiny shed 

8. Go TO ITALY!!

9. Give lots of money to charity and to the Animal Cruelty charity

10. Finish school

Using your " W.I.T.S "

Everybody has been taught this and need this. In school one of our topics were using your W.I.T.S , they are very important and everybody needs to learn this , because you might go back to school with a really bad term.


 (If someone is bugging you are bullying you , get all the words out of your mind and deny what their saying and avoid it and just walk away)

( This is similar to Walk Away. If they are saying things that put you down and that really hurts your feelings , just ignore and take it out your head)


( If there is something that you are really uncomfortable with Talk about it! Tell that person/people about your feelings and emotions about it )


( If there is something serious going on like a fight , call a teacher or and adult and there it will be sorted. Calling an adult makes a big difference . )

They may be 4 letters but they make a big difference. I think this should be learnt in every school, in every country and to everybody . 

Happy Birthday!

I would just like to say a BIGG FFAAATTT HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Uoka Jr Falefa. Thank you through out all these years for looking after me and always caring for me. I hope you have a awesome few days at Boot Camp. And guess what? You're going to Sydney Australia next week as a present from one of your friends. Hope you have a great week over there. 18 is a really big number and I hope its a great one for you. I hope you like the yummy cake we bought you today. May you be blessed upon with the spirit and health :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Style It Up #2

I am now focusing on Patterns in style. I love patterned clothing A LOT. Since it's the summer, I wanted to " Mainly " focus on all kinds of patterns. I hope you enjoy them!

       Floral and Lace:
Floral dresses are great for the summer , they actually kinda cheer me up. The flowers on the dress are very nice and goes really nice on anyone. Lace is a very popular trend , laces can be shown in any patterns like, laced flowers, laced roses , laced hearts and even more. 

Galaxy Print

Galaxy prints are very popular right now. If you type DIY Galaxy , lot's of tutorials will be up on how to do it on your shirt , shorts and jumper also shoes. I think the Galaxy Print is really cool and neutral. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Healthy Lunches #2

I think that every child should have a yummy 'healthy' lunch to keep their brain going. Here are some quick and easy recipes for a good 'healthy'  lunch!

                                                   Healthy Vegetable Sandwich
1. Get some bread and spread some butter on it as the base

2. Get a couple of slices of  Turkey Ham and put it on the bread

3. Shred some cheese and carrot on top

4.  Put some lettuce on top with a squirt of mayonnaise , and then your finished

                                                                          Trail Mix!
Most specific people like to buy their Trail Mix from shops. That is fine. But since I am sharing some Idea's I thought of doing it home made.

1. Get a small container and add some Raisins in it

2. Put any kinds of nut's you want inside and then you're done!

To add to your healthy lunch , you may want some fruits and salad and milk. Calcium milk is what I recommend. For a little snack , just take two or three biscuits! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Ideas! #1

School Holidays has begun. It is the first week. Besides that, I wanted to make a post on Healthy Breakfast Ideas to keep your brain on the run and on the go! So instead of making boring cereals and milk , you will need to turn it up.

1. Put your Waffles in the Toaster to make it yummy golden Brown! 

2. Take it out and grab any spreading you want like , Butter, Jam , Nuttella,  Peanut Butter and any kind , but spread it out on your waffle.

3. Add some little fruits on top or anything you want to add some flavour.

1. Get a packet of Noodles and put it in to a pot, heat it to medium heat and add water.

2. When the noodle starts boiling up with bubbles,  add the flavour into it and start mixing and put on low heat for a few seconds to cool.

3. Turn off the heat  and get a sifter and pour the noodles into it , on top of the sink to avoid any messy water leaking. 

4. Then put it in the bowl. Psssttt! The more drier the more better!

                                                              Chocolate Banana Smoothie
1. Put some chopped Banana's in a tin foil and put it in the fridge OVERNIGHT 

2. Once it gets to morning put some 4th of a cup of cold Vanilla Yogurt

3. Add in some frozen chopped Banana's and add in a few cups of Chocolate milk. 

4. For extra's add in some berries and little fruits

                                                         French Toast!

1. Get a couple of eggs and crack it into a bowl

2. Mix it all together

3. Get some bread and dip it in to the mixture and then put it into a buttered pan!

Little Mix- Move

Little Mix has just previously posted their new song! Move! I love the song very much and it is now my 2nd favourite. The song should be in a movie in my suggestion. This song reminds me of a movie called " Shark Tale ". I am really interested in the background music because what they actually did was , record their voices singing some beats instead of putting in jingles and stuff like that.

Goals For 2013

I have mostly been thinking about posting about my goals for this year. So why not? Here are a list of at least ten things that I will need to focus on.

1. Finishing things off properly and mostly staying focused on Education

2. Start exorcizing and getting fit also eating Healthy Variety of Foods

3.  Start going to church more often and making the right choices

4. Always help others , like people in need of things

5. Start to save up for the future

6. Not be shy any more

7. Help Family, with choirs , dinner and dishes

8. Start learning new things like D.I.Y

9. Get started and planned for the next year

10. Try and put others before myself :) 

Style It Up! #1

Since the holidays has started I decided to be a little naughty and post about , different styles you can wear in 2 main seasons. I have created these little collages from polyvore, which is a shop online- site and also a creative site. So I hope you enjoy reading this post!


Usually in winter Christmas is celebrated. So get ready for the Snow Flakes and the romantic dates! I am focusing on 2 styles. On the first one , I focused on patterns and details. So I decided to add in some patterned sweatshirts and leggings also I added a jacket with some fur to add detail. Pssst! Don't be afraid to smack on some chap sticks and mascara. Chap sticks are good for keeping your lips moist in the winter. With the hair , I've chosen to do a straight on top and little curls down bottom for a classic look. I did a nude colour for the nails because I thought it looked best! Winter can't stop you from wearing dresses. So for my second look , I focused on bold black. So I put in some wedges and a black dress. The trench gives the look more style in my opinion. 


The summer can be REALLY hot. It's also the time that people slap on some sun screen! On the first look I focused on 'pastel' colours because I thought it was a fun colour for the summer. I accesorised the outfit with a nice gold necklace to bring summer detail. I also put in some Keds which are great for all seasons. You don't want to add too much make up just add a fuchsia pink lipstick and a winged eye liner for the extra cat look!