Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Healthy Lunches #2

I think that every child should have a yummy 'healthy' lunch to keep their brain going. Here are some quick and easy recipes for a good 'healthy'  lunch!

                                                   Healthy Vegetable Sandwich
1. Get some bread and spread some butter on it as the base

2. Get a couple of slices of  Turkey Ham and put it on the bread

3. Shred some cheese and carrot on top

4.  Put some lettuce on top with a squirt of mayonnaise , and then your finished

                                                                          Trail Mix!
Most specific people like to buy their Trail Mix from shops. That is fine. But since I am sharing some Idea's I thought of doing it home made.

1. Get a small container and add some Raisins in it

2. Put any kinds of nut's you want inside and then you're done!

To add to your healthy lunch , you may want some fruits and salad and milk. Calcium milk is what I recommend. For a little snack , just take two or three biscuits! 

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