Tuesday, October 30, 2012


To those who bully, this is my message to you! I have learnt from bullying, because I do it sometimes. But since I had the inspiration I've learnt from it. I do not want to make others feel out of space:)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mean Bully's!

Carol was the new girl in school. As the morning went past Carol felt better and better at her new school. She got some new friends and learnt a lot! Her opinion on her new class was PERFECT! She knew that she would not move to any other school at all, under any circumstances.

It was lunch so Carol ate her lunch happily and gently. Suddenly a mean bully named Ann picked up her sandwich and smashed it on to the waxed floor. "That was my lunch , why did you do that?" Carol said in a shaking voice. " Wheres your lunch money?" asked the bully Ann. Carol was frightened , her hands were shaking as she gave Ann the money. " Hahahah, what a loser aren't you Carol Barol?" Said the bully, teasing her pretty name.

"That's not my name " she whispered to herself. Ann came walking to her and teased her till she cried a lot. Carol cried and went back to eating , as she tried to get her juice box the bully slapped it out of her hands. " SPPLLAATTT" the juice went all over her lunch and her sweater that her grandma gave to her. 

" STOP , WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS IN OUR SCHOOL ANN" said a girl . Ann was really scared so she ran away. The girl saw Carol with her head facing the ground felling a shame! "are you okay, do you need anything?" she asked. Carol took her face out of her sweater and swept away her curly ginger hair. " Yes thank you" she replied. The girl and carol became great friends:)

Remember stop bullying! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

No Place to be Found Written and Illustrated by Josephine

Ian had a school trip today at the forest he spotted a bush and his class took no notice. Will Ian get back to his class or be living forever at the forest?

Tidy Tens

 This presentation shows how much i've learnt in 2012 with Miss Ouano. If your not knowing what tidy tens are- Tidy tens show a different way of adding .  I'm showing you how to do this bit by bit so you will learn one of Miss Ouano's unique way of math!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Super Toy Makers Pt.2

 This is a Diagram of a electricity toy  room. The inspiration of the play room is from a very cool book- Super toy makers! The kids have performed their play for the year 2's and have showed a lot- but thats a whole other story! The year 2's didn't understand the diagram at all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Little Butterflies:)

Today my friends and I made little Butterflies. We used lots of Material to make tiny little objects.  I made these little insects with my buddies Hope and Jenni. We did a lot together. 

The equipment we used was little shiny shapes and diamonds, glue gun, strong scissors and our main piece which I'm not really sure what its called.  As we folded up the pieces we didn't have enough glue gun sticks. So my mom drove us to Jenni's house because she left the glue sticks there!

We arrived back to my house ,  we were able to get the butterflies done and ready. Right now, I'm sticking them on to my walls. Now my wall looks fantastic. I chose to do butterflies , because of my    favorite artists Little Mix! Their song wings made me think about it. 
purple animated butterfly glitter graphic

Monday, October 22, 2012

Labour Day

Today is Labour day and its Yet- Another awesome day. I got to go to the Gym and play some serious sports with my friends. The weather was pretty hot. But I still got to have fun!

I arrived at the lagoon Gym with my buds Jenni, Angel and hope. We goofed off  around the hole stadium. We got to play basketball, netball and lastly rugby. My head was sweating , my heart was pumping fast. For lunch my buds and I go to have a nice Barbeque. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Maths Work:)

I have been doing tidy tens with Miss Ouano over the past few days. So far I've learnt a lot! Here is a photo to remind what tidy tens are.


  Allow me to introduce you to my playroom. As you can see I have drawn  a light bulb to make the sunshine! I haven't done it properly. But I still hope you like it. Playrooms can be in boxes so I have drawn a border. I have got this playroom inspiration from a book called super toy makers.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holiday Recount:)

Holidays in October was not my type.   It was pretty boring for my siblings and I, we got to do nothing. All we could do was, watch Television, go on computer , play with Ipad and sleep! I didn't get to do some fun at all.   It seemed like this holidays was really mega bad.  

My holidays were getting okay though. I went to the night market! It was super cool . I had some spicy popcorn chicken. It was so hot my mouth burned through every where I went.  The time we went back home I felt okay with the way my holidays were okay!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Over the past few days, I have been learning about narratives. What is a narrative you might be asking? Narratives are different from recounts.  Narratives are a made up story but spoken third person. Recounts are usually spoken in first person. Meaning I'm talking about me, myself as first person in a recount.

So far I have been learning so much this year. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ian Eastwood

Meet Ian Eastwood who is one of my favorite choreographer/dancer from chicago.  He is well known from a group called Mos Wanted Crew.  Their dancing is mostly hard working , passionate and lastly THE BEST!

Ian started dancing at the age of 10, which is the same age as me now! I think Ian is currently nineteen today. Ian has unique style of dance, whys that? because his moves were totally outrageous and awesome in abdc. (Americas Best Dance crew)

Eastwood has been amazingly inspirational of dancing! His dancing  seems like a unique sense of style. Ian is a great dancer to me. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gangnam Style!

Over a million people have found their goodness, from just only one video. This video has reached a lot of views and has become a hit! PSY,  had released his sixth album Gangnam on July the 15th. Which is my birthday, how amazing!

The video revolves around Horses, Ladies, Dancers and lastly different places! It has hit Number #1 on you tube 100! Wow , who had thought a Korean singer would become so famous after all

PSY has showed a lot of people a new movement! Such as Moving Like Bernie, Dougie, Jerking and lastly cat daddy! I am so sure PSY , would release another album more funky!  Well done PSY!  I would love to meet his new moves.

An Award To Appreciate!

Wow, today was something that I could not expect to happen. Getting an award! I was most likely picked in second place for most blog posts! I felt so great after getting the special award. Looks like Mrs. Burt found some young well known blogger huh?

Oh, and did I mention the little comfy Teddy Android! It looked so cute and awesome. Seeing my friends and I going up to get their award too, made me think that it was about to be a great year for us!  This award is a great oppurtunity! I loved it. <3

Beauty And A Beat!

One of my favorite artists has created his own music video. If your guessing who that is, its Justin Bieber! He has directed and edited his own music video, how cool is that?  The song he had created was beauty and a beat by Justin Bieber featuring the one and only rapper Nicki Minaj!

The music video was all about partying and having fun. Looks like I've found some partying alright huh? I totally loved this music video because it shows me , what it would be like if I was a teen!

My favourite part was when they were dancing with Ian Eastwood. If your not knowing who Ian Eastwood is, he is part of one of the coolest group Mos Wanted Crew! It was so COOL!

What a Holiday:)

While standing in line for some ice cream, Lesieli and I purposely cut in line. Nobody noticed about it. " Next " shouted the man delivering ice cream. Once we got our Ice cream , we saw a notice on the wall:  ICON DANCE STUDIO, COME ON NOW! . Lesieli thought it was a great idea, to get in touch with other people also dancing! 

We ran home and quickly got changed. After meeting a few people there, Lesieli finnaly got a chance to dance, all herself! "WOW" I mumbled. Now this time it was my turn, I was a bit shy. But I decided to do it any way!  I danced and danced until I dropped. It was amazingly awesome. 

After a couple of routines, Lesieli and I thought about coming back the next day! It was great we got in touch. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Friends can stick together by a helping hand! When hurt by  someone , your friend is always there to help you. While being through a situation with your friends, talk about  it. Try to be the best that you can with your buddies, and stick together just like Sisters/ Bro's!

When you're mostly alone , seek a person worth good personality that's exactly your type! Some friendships can be long and some can be short. It's sad to see that end. Now remember F.R.I.E.N.D.S stick together and their always together!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Things You Didn't know about ME!

  Here is what I have been doing during the holidays! I know its short but it was worth. I hope you like it!

New Zealands Got Talent!

What is an entertaining show that would knock your socks off? Well I know and that show is New Zealands got talent! Wow who had thought that there will be so many cool acts.  Over 246 people have auditioned, but only 30 will make it into the final.  I'm really eager to see who's going to win. Also I've been a bit nosy about it.

Meet the Judges ; Rachel Hunter who is an New Zealand model and author! Ali Cambell from a british pop/reggae band UB40. Lastly a wonderful known singer Jason Kerrison! These people inspire contestants who have auditioned . My rating for this show is a one thousand out of one thousand, because I get inspiration too! How about you? 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Night Market!

On a cold rainy night, I went to the Night Market with my family. As I entered I saw lots, of different categories  Such as magic, miner, singers, Lollipop makers and lastly cookers. I found this market so much entertaining and lovely. My favorite food from the night market was the sweet spicy popcorn chicken. It tasted so nice , that I wanted to have a GIANT bowl full of it!

I also had some strawberry ice cream with sprinkles. The ice cream was so nice that it was so smooth and creamy. I also gobbled up some Chinese food  and different kinds. I think I might have ate a lot of food that night. I'm looking forward to going next time!

"Double The Trouble"

What a warm and hot day don't you think? Lucinda and Catherine decided to go out to the beach. Catherine  packed up her special goggles and togs. Lucinda brought out the snacks and first aid kit, for safety. " Time to go " Said Lucinda , rushing through the door. Catherine came running after!

While the girls were driving, they inserted their most lovable song. " Like your in the snow but.." they sang! It was an enjoyable time in the car . Everything was calm and nice. They spotted the beach. " Beach. Beach, Beach" Annoyingly said Catherine.

"Here we come beach, get ready for some fun!" said Lucinda. First up the two girls went for a walk , across the road at the lake.  Walking along the dark green grass, Lucinda spotted a sign . The girls particularly could not see the word crocodile  because there were pink glug all over the sign, and Lucinda did not see the word "Crocodiles do not cross".

Catherine and Lucinda went past the sign  without a notice. Walking past a Crocodile slurped and slurped until the girls came by. "SNAP" went it's large jaws. Lucinda and Catherine were shocked and frightened by the sound of its smack. Lucinda grabbed a rock and threw straight at its head. The crocodile was surely angry , he got out of the lake. It made the girls more scared than ever! Catherine got a big ball beside her and threw it into the lake. The crocodile went after it.

Catherine grabbed Lucinda's hand and ran back to the beach. Finally they enjoyed the sun and forgot all about the bad case!

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Friend Angel And I. . . .

Meet Angel, the most wonderful girl of all time. Angel and I like to hangout with each other all the time, we've had sleepovers, camping also we invite each other to a celebration like birthday's. Last time we went to the pools for her birthday it was so cool. We had cake and treats also we slid on the hydro slide, it was so fun.

We also went camping , I went with Mah(angels aunt) , Honey who is angels little sister and I also obviously angel. It was so cool we had a yummy dinner inside the tent , after we played with glowing accessories.  We also had midnight snack. This was amazingly fun.