Monday, October 15, 2012

Beauty And A Beat!

One of my favorite artists has created his own music video. If your guessing who that is, its Justin Bieber! He has directed and edited his own music video, how cool is that?  The song he had created was beauty and a beat by Justin Bieber featuring the one and only rapper Nicki Minaj!

The music video was all about partying and having fun. Looks like I've found some partying alright huh? I totally loved this music video because it shows me , what it would be like if I was a teen!

My favourite part was when they were dancing with Ian Eastwood. If your not knowing who Ian Eastwood is, he is part of one of the coolest group Mos Wanted Crew! It was so COOL!

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  1. Dear Josephine,

    I love you'r writing it is a really sensable thing to say and I like the picture of Nicki Minaj and Justen Bieber.They are my favourite singers and rapers including tere dancing.