Monday, October 8, 2012

New Zealands Got Talent!

What is an entertaining show that would knock your socks off? Well I know and that show is New Zealands got talent! Wow who had thought that there will be so many cool acts.  Over 246 people have auditioned, but only 30 will make it into the final.  I'm really eager to see who's going to win. Also I've been a bit nosy about it.

Meet the Judges ; Rachel Hunter who is an New Zealand model and author! Ali Cambell from a british pop/reggae band UB40. Lastly a wonderful known singer Jason Kerrison! These people inspire contestants who have auditioned . My rating for this show is a one thousand out of one thousand, because I get inspiration too! How about you? 

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  1. I am loving your holiday posts Josephine. I have had time to watch NZGT in the holidays too and it is lots of fun. My daughter even saw a boy she teaches on it!

    See you soon

    Mrs Burt