Friday, May 31, 2013

My Family:)

My Family makes me stronger and not weaker, all though the hard times and bad times we still stay strong. I was raised by two lovely parents growing up in a good education and living in a small country. I am growing up with strength and growth.

200! YAY!

Finally I have made it to my 200th post from this year. So far, I have been enjoying blog posts that I have read. My goal for blogger is to get up to one thousand posts! Yes , 100,000 post. Remember my blog post about my 100th post this year? well, that actually feels like 'yesterday'. And I am pretty sure that I might get up to 400 posts this year. My favourite post from this year would have to be my FiaFia post from last term. To me I have spent my educational life Learning, Creating and Sharing all the things I have learnt from the past and present and I can't wait to see what happens in the future. I am proud to say that 'I'm a year six at Point England school and I am proud of my learning and my education!' I hope that my future will continue on like this. It is very cool that I get to share my work with billions of people including famous people. I love that I get some choices of what I get to post. Blogger has changed myself to become a lazy slacker who shares his/her work with one person into a person who is very smart and get's to share their work with BILLION'S of people. In my 200 posts I like to reflect on my learning and share my learning also sharing with other people 'who I am'. When people walk past me I want them to think of me as a true learner, not a slacker learner. Once again I am very very happy and proud to say  . . ' I'm a year six at Point England school and I am proud of my learning and my education'. And it's all thanks to my netbook and my school:)

Thursday, May 30, 2013


“ We have now landed in Antarctica Dr. Drain “ said the Flight Attendant ,  Dr. Drain was excited to explore the nature of Antarctica. He headed straight towards the sea. “This is amazing!” He cried. He gazed at the  Seals eating their prey and Penguins swimming along the Antarctic sea. “ It’s great to be in Antarctica” He says. Dr. Drain looked back and noticed that his private jet wasn’t there nor the flight attendants.

“Huh? HELLO!” He cried. Dr. Drain found it hard to walk , wind was blowing in his face and he found it hard to walk on ice. “HELLO” He shouted . At this time he was all alone by himself in the cold antarctic land. “ I need to find shelter fast!” he murmured. He looked everywhere around him.
“THERE!” He declared.  Dr. Drain eventually walked slow all the way to the iced cave. “I’ve made it, now I just gotta keep myself warm and comfortable” He said. But how? His stomach was grumbling, Dr. Drain was very hungry. ‘Luckily’ he had some food in his backpack. “uh oh , this is not so good.” He pulled out a frozen sandwich, frozen drinks and frozen lunch. Poor Dr. Drain. He went back out the cave and stared at the sky, scanning for help.  

“Are you alright?” He felt a tap on his shoulder. Dr. Drain turned around and saw a stranger. “HUh?? Yes, indeed , I just need to find my way out of here” He replied. “Well I can help you” He said. The stranger guided him to his private jet. “Why are you here” The stranger questioned. “Enough said” Murmured Dr. Drain. After a day of finding help in antarctica , Dr. Drain wanted to go back to Antarctica the next year:)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tui Girls DLO

Hello! Here is a short film we have making over the past 2 days. This film will tell you all about Antarctica! We hope you like it!

The Youtube Challenge Challenge

If you have a favourite YouTube channel or YouTuber then you may have noticed the previous post called the YouTube Challenge Challenge. It was created by Rhett and Link who are YouTube stars that created a familiar video called 'T-shirt Wars'. The video was published on comedy week. The YouTube challenge is based on all the challenges that have been posted on YouTube such as the 'cinnamon challenge' . All of the YouTubers have to do 'all' of the challenges. Here is a video to show how the YouTube challenge challenge is done!
If you are a child please do not try one of the challenges such as the . . Cinnamon Challenge, the Chubby Bunny challenge,  the smoothie challenge also the Wasabi Challenge. It may cause anything to do with choking. SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS. 

Monday, May 27, 2013


DLO are a great way to reflect and share your reading tasks. DLO's are known as 'Digital Learning Objects'. In my literacy class we do Digital Learning Objects each week as part of our reading task. When we are finished with answering our questions on the form and answering our questions on our google doc, we either have a choice of making a movie about the book we just read, or comic life , presentation or simply making music. This week , we are making a movie for our DLO, we read a book called the big chill and the big drill so our movie is based on that book! Last week we read a book about who eats who? and I created a comic life on the Ipad to show people about the food web. Check it out and leave some feedback. Did I also mention that @ the end of the week we all have to presentate our DLO to our class. Just like I did this morning in front of my literacy class:) When I finished presentating we all mark it as a literacy class , all together! I do not own the rights to these images! I do not own the rights to these images I repeat I do not own the right to these images.

The Way Ariana Grande

You might get familiar to the song 'the way' which is known as  one of the top hits right now. Trust me, if you go around my school you will go past a few people humming the song or singing it or talking about the song. Thats how precious Ariana Grande is. You may know Ariana Grande as 'Cat Valentine' on the show Victorious . I forgot to mention Mac Miller who is featured in the song as a rapper. Trust me he is really good at rhyming! The song is about someone who is loving the way the relationship goes. Have a listen and please leave some feedback. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just A Rumour Narrative

"Come on, it'll be fun I promise" Cried Kate catching up to McKenzie in the hall way. You see, every time Kate goes to her boring book club that her parents tell her to go to, she wants McKenzie to share the boring 'misery' along with her!  "For the last time no!" replied McKenzie. "okay" Kate replied. " BULLY" a person said coming past McKenzie. 
"Please , don't hurt me" Murmured Kate.  "what?" questioned McKenzie. McKenzie saw Liana with a bruised eye , red cheeks and a cut on her lips. "What heppened?" Questioned Kate.

To be continued . . . .

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Late Birthday Post

First of all, I would like to say happy birthday to my cousin and aunty who have celebrated their 'actual' birthday on Wednesday. I would like to wish you both , a wish come true and a happy long life to you. On the other hand , my cousin 'kellie' has turned 16 and my mum's little sister  Ana has turned 21!

They were gifted a lot of things like new furniture's for their room and more. Last night my brother and mother went to spooker's last night with the birthday girls and my moms sisters. I didn't go though (because I'm not sixteen or over). But looking at their photos from last night made me feel very very Jealous.

For their birthday they were gifted a professional kit kat cake, with new cupboards  for clothes and a bedroom makeover! How lucky they are! And I would like to wish them a happy long life and a happy late birthday! May every wish turn into reality:)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Balloon Experimenting

Today at extension we did a balloon experiment as part of our topic 'PSI'.  We got into groups of four and our job was to set up all the things we need! Such as blowing the balloon, setting up the string and adding a straw into the string. It took less than 4 minutes to get our experiments done. After a few tries, we had to write down what we found out about the balloon experiments:)


Today, my netball team had our netball training. We actually found it hard to find a location to train in. We were first in the hall then we were outside @ the courts. But then, it started to pour. So then we went back in the hall. We did some drills and did some runs. It was a really hard - working training today for us!   

My new Background

According to my netbook's name Tiara! I have finally updated my new Background. It involves things including sparkle, colour and outta space. I then edited it on picmonkey and turned it into a spark. I hope you like it.

Lacey And The Drama Queens Highlight

Now I am almost up to chapter nine and so far I have enjoyed the book. The book is based on a girl named Lacey , who is going to be a flower girl  for her cousin Miranda's wedding  and she is very excited , when she goes to Australia and sees the dress she finds it very awful. Will she tell miranda and how will Miranda feel? read the book and find out.


YouTube is a company owned by Google which happens to be very interesting. It is a site that has 1 million videos or more. It's the site where you can leave feedback on videos, subscribe to channels and most recently watch really cool videos. My favorite channels on youtube , aka , 'Youtubers' would have to be Olga kay and Michelle phan also wassabi productions. 
This is the part when I say, 'YOUTUBE IS USEFUL' meaning youtube can help you with your problems . Youtube is not boring , thousands and millions of people have used it! They find it fun,cool, magical and awesome.  Trust me , everytime I go on the computer the first thing I go on is 'youtube'. Can you believe that? and I am soo not lieing. Youtube is awesome, so go on it and use it and see how the spark works! 

Introducing Maths Whizz!

 Here is what I have been doing on maths whizz , which is catching up work and challenging others! This is where I go against people 'all over the world'

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Digital Art!

Here is what I created over the past few days. I hope you like it!

1 short paragraph about whales!

In literacy we were told that we need to write a 3 sentence paragraph about whales! But first we had to pair up with a partner. I chose Nikki. Then we had to pair up with another group which was Jordan and Taimana and they judged our writing and we judged theirs! . . . . . 

Our paragraph about whales:

Whales are the longest living creatures in the ocean. They have thick layer of fat blubber that helps them to keep warm in the Antarctic ocean. Whales have a streamlined body that helps them push down the water, along with their flippers that help them steer.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Blog!

This is the part when I say . . .  you grow up too fast. My blog has just turned four and is really loving the things that I post. Blogger has made it very easier for me to share and connect with the world.  With the help from my netbook Tiara , my blog has finally done 400 blog post. Yippee. I hope I will get to 500 at the end of the year! 

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear blog,
Happy birthday to you!

Happy long technology to you,

Happy long technology to you,

Happy long technology to my blog,

Happy long technology to you,

Dinner 2

Tonight we are having , Chicken and rice as part of our yummy dinner .  This was made by my mom with a little help from me. I feel really tired right now and I have just started eating , oh and did I mention that this is my 400th post? 

Mad Thunder!

Today's weather was 'very' bad. Lot's of rain had kept on puring down and lots of lightning struck! I hope this does not go on for the rest of the week. I hope that everybody will be safe at home warm and happy with their family's. We also had to cancel our netball game again Kohimarama school. Which I thought was going to be epic . . .  but. . . until the rain came! 

Rain , rain 
Go away and come another day 
I really want to play my netball game
so go, go, go away! 

DLO - Comic Life- Who's eating who?

Here is a photo , of what I have created on comic life! It shows facts about what animals in the Antarctic eat. I hope you learn A lot from my comic life. This was made on the ipads on a app called comic life! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

X factor!

Who will be going home tonight? This midday the votes were finally done. I hope moorhouse will be staying. Tonights show is going to be very epic!

My Netbooks New Name!

My net book has a new name right now! Her name is Tiara . I captured the name by a beautiful girl who actually has the same name. She is a dancer. 'Tiara' happens to be awake but will go to sleep and charge when I sleep. I hope she will be full by tomorrow! Tiara has her own picture of a crown and here it is. Isn't it chanting? 

Late Dinner?

I am really feeling uncomfortable right now! I mean , after we had a yummy dinner my mom cooks my favorite island dessert that I never ever miss out on! Which happens to be 'ko pai' which has been eaten a lot around my family. It is almost past my bedtime but I would love to take a bite of that. How can this happen?

Egg Experimenting

These two scientist have been investigating sinking and floating with eggs. The lady scientist had tricked the man by 'not' adding salt into the water. So when the man found it hard to put the egg in , he was trying to find out why? Watch this and find out more!


How can google be so smart? Google translate has to got to be very cool and interesting. It translates different languages. If your new to new zealand and don't speak english go to google translate and it would help you get sorted. Now I am going to translate these sentences into different languages!


¿Cómo puede ser tan inteligente google? Traductor Google tiene que tiene que ser muy fresco e interesante. Traduce diferentes idiomas. Si su nuevo a Nueva Zelanda y no hablan Inglés ir a traductor Google y le ayudaría a conseguir ordenados. Ahora voy a traducir estas frases en diferentes idiomas!

Come può google essere così intelligente? Traduzione di Google non ha avuto modo di essere molto fresco e interessante. Traduce diverse lingue. Se il vostro nuovo in Nuova Zelanda e non parlano inglese vai a Google e sarebbe aiutarti ordinati. Ora sto andando a tradurre queste frasi in diverse lingue!


How cool was that?


Tonight we are having Chicken, Patatos and chips and sausages. Right now I am the only one thats not eating because my dinner is still cooking according to what my mum said. I can really sense the smell of my dinner sizzling in the fryer and bubbles popping in the pan. What are you having tonight?

Sorry I can not update a photo because my camera seems to be playing up. :(

Holiday Highlight

On a wednesday while I was having a sleepover at my friends house it was about 7:30 am. We got ready to go to an activity. We had a short amount of breakfast and we hopped in the car and went to pick up my other two friends. We then went to Mrs. Gardeners house and we were making butterflies for mothers day. So far we had made 56 butterflies. And the mothers loved it. For a break we walked to Mc Donalds. "What are the limits?" Hope asked. "Just buy anything you want no matter" She said. My friends and I tried to buy things that are cheap . I had a $5 cheese burger combo and apple pie , some nuggets and a mcflurry.

When we finished eating some lunch we then went to countdown to buy some things to make some russian fudge. We then walked back to Mrs. Gardeners house and we made russian fudge . I now know how russian fudge can be ready. Get a cup of water and put a small amount  boiling ingridient inside the cup. Once you have done that take it back out. If it turns into a ball then it must be ready , if not then it is not ready. If you want to know the recipe leave me some feedback.

Taking My Netbook Home

This happens to be my 2nd year taking my netbook home and I am very proud of myself for completing and getting my netbook licence. This means I am able to learn anywhere. I'm actually doing my choirs right now which is folding the washing but I just can't stay away from my netbook. Well . . actually it's right next to me in a safe place being happy. I might update some more.


K - pop known as Korean pop has gone viral and is very catchy. K-pop includes songs like 2ne1 , Psy and Girls Generation and more. K- pop is music from south korea which happens to be very cool. Their styles in their music videos happen to be very cool and magical. My hottest K-pop song would have to be Girls Generation- I got a boy. It has different types of music in it like hip hop, rock and a bit of jazz. Have you listened to K-pop before? Here is my favourite music.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Player Of The Day

Today at assembly I was given a certificate for player of the day! I was really proud of myself. " Year 6, team 2 player of the day was captain Josephine" From when Miss Va'afusuaga said that I was stunned! Here is a photo of my award. 

Introducing The Dream Part Of Me

What is your dream?
To be a choreographer maybe!

Where is your dream place?

New Jersey US, London and Paris also Hawaii:)

Who do you dream of being?

Jaira Miller

Why are you dreaming so big?

So that my dream were turn into reality:)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Voyage To The Cold Side

 We have a reliever in our classroom and we had the task to draw and write a couple of sentences about the story we read. It was titled 'Voyage to the cold side' About a girl who travels and discovers new things in Antarctica along with her parents.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Learning Site ,Upgrade!

 My learning site has officially been edited . I added some new pages like Maths Whizz and more to my site , here is another preview. If you want the link please leave feedback:) I love that I am learning faster in my days.