Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy Friday 2

After eating a yummy meal, we went to the BOWLING CENTER! We played a few rounds and I think I did pretty well. I mostly got the blue light balls. It was very fun. A few games later we were given 8 arcade tokens. During our time at the arcade , I spent most of my tokens on the dunking game. There was a small dunking game that was VERY easy. I mean the goal was not very far away from you. There also was a basketball one which was far away and it was a good time to practice my shooting for netball:)

Every time I play a game I get a ticket! When I finished all my tokens I placed my tickets in the AMF ticket machine:) When I finished inserting it , I got my reset! So far I had, 34 tickets. I asked the cashier if Hope, Jane and Memory and I could choose our prizes. We chose our prizes and handed the reciept to the gentlemen. After that we went to Kadic and Mata and played a few more rounds. My points for bowling was 46! 

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