Friday, May 31, 2013

200! YAY!

Finally I have made it to my 200th post from this year. So far, I have been enjoying blog posts that I have read. My goal for blogger is to get up to one thousand posts! Yes , 100,000 post. Remember my blog post about my 100th post this year? well, that actually feels like 'yesterday'. And I am pretty sure that I might get up to 400 posts this year. My favourite post from this year would have to be my FiaFia post from last term. To me I have spent my educational life Learning, Creating and Sharing all the things I have learnt from the past and present and I can't wait to see what happens in the future. I am proud to say that 'I'm a year six at Point England school and I am proud of my learning and my education!' I hope that my future will continue on like this. It is very cool that I get to share my work with billions of people including famous people. I love that I get some choices of what I get to post. Blogger has changed myself to become a lazy slacker who shares his/her work with one person into a person who is very smart and get's to share their work with BILLION'S of people. In my 200 posts I like to reflect on my learning and share my learning also sharing with other people 'who I am'. When people walk past me I want them to think of me as a true learner, not a slacker learner. Once again I am very very happy and proud to say  . . ' I'm a year six at Point England school and I am proud of my learning and my education'. And it's all thanks to my netbook and my school:)

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