Friday, November 30, 2012

Storm Chaser!

It was a warm comfy march and Maggie layed down on the soft green grass with her eyes shut, while 4-year-old Keira played with her rag doll. Maggie had almost walked off , when she felt a simple tap on her shoulder, she turned around. “What is that mum?” Asked Keira. “ what’s that up high?”  Maggie turned over and glared at the spot where keira pointed to.

It looked a like a cone , but upside- down , it was spinning and it was grey it was sucking up all the furniture out of the houses. Oh! it was such a catastrophe .  “ Go under the truck, honey and stay very still” Maggie demanded.  

“is this a game?” she asked hopefully. “Yup its a game!” she said. To be continued........

Jumping The Number Line 2

 All right! I'm gettin' into this maths strategy. At first I found this strategy really hard, but all I had to do was just have another shot. While on the carpet I focused on what Miss Ouano was saying and started to get into it! I finnaly know, all though some of it can be difficult.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Mix!

Little Mix is a well-known UK band, which are my favourite artists! Their music is  fancy and astonishing. The Little Mix album DNA is out now and fingers crossed I get it for Christmas. The group was formed in the x factor UK , 2011.

My favourite member is Jade Amelia Thirlwall, because she can sing her heart out! This group is very talented and no-one can do better!

Jumping The Number Line!

Today we learnt a very astonishing strategy, which is called Jumping the number line. This strategy involves us kids, learning more! Finger crossed, that you may get it!

Coin Centrifuge Recount

During a hot summers day , Room 14 made some toys from trash! We were so thrilled , when we got to make it.  At the very beginning of our activity, we had to get our equipment. I needed a coin and a balloon because I was making a Coin Centrifuge!

First we had to take a photo of each step we did. I started to take photos of the materials we needed. Before I got to blow the balloon up, I had to insert the coin inside . So the coin can rotate round and round!

After a few snapshots , I found it quite astonishing and fancy!  As soon as I completed the toy, I felt so pleased with what i’ve done. It was such a successful activity. I was so gripped with what I’ve done.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It Takes A Hard Mature Student!

To be in a wonderful class room 14 , it take a hard mature student! In our class we tentatively work in our way at our own management. So far in room 14 , we learn many different skills from our teacher Miss Ouano! We are a class of 27 who like sports and LOVE Miss Ouano's baking!

How To Make A Coin Centrifuge!

 In Term 4, we are learning about Toy Story. I have made a coin centrifuge which was a simple task. This toy can be used for kids, adult and everyone. I reccomend this toy to people who visit my blog!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Strange Airplane?

A long time ago in 2010, December- it was time to go to the airport. While I was sleeping, I heard a slight soft voice from my sister "Wake up! wake up! " She said punching my arm! Suddenly when I woke up it was actually loud screaming from her mouth. "Im up!" I shouted.

As I got into my aunt nina's van, it was really cold and I shivered  hard. "Got your suitcase?" my brother asked. "Woops" I shouted , jumping out the van. I got my suitcase and I was all set. "Got your jumper?" he asked again. I threw my suitcase on to my seat and ran back into the house, and came back with my jacket. "is that all?" I asked . "Yeah" he said. I hopped inside the van.

When we got to the airport my cousins went running to the game hall, I went after then my mom pulled my hoodie back! "Where are you going missy?" she asked "Game hall?" I said. "Alright, be back soon" she said. When we got to the game hall it looked so cool. "Look there air hockey and photo booth, my favorite" I said. After a few games and photos I was called by mom to go to the airplane!

When we got to the airplane I sat in my seat. "aaahh, thats comfortable!" 

To be continued!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Almost There!

What a lucky me! I get to go overseas to meet the other part of my family and join them in our family reunion. Just two more impact weeks and I’m ready to go!

It’s really sad to hear that I’m leaving room 14 and Miss Ouano early. From all the favorite times I had with my class are the times i’ll especially miss.

When I get over to the airplane , i’ll flick through my school books of 2012. When I make it to my dad’s hometown (samoa) I’d tell them all about my class and my special teacher and friends!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Why Not Share With The World?

As a student in the Manaiakalani, there are many ways I can share my learning with the globe! In Point England we show our learning by drives, blogger and our net books and more. People around the world look at our Corporation and Learning skills on our blog. When people have been Inspired by our blog posts they’ll leave us some feedback.

The wonderful Minister- Of -Education Hekia Parata, planned for us a very well future. And as I, Josephine am proud to be part of the Maniakalani. Each year we share more of our learning at the Maniakalni Film Festival which is held at the cinema, hoyts!

Subtraction In Parts

 This week, once, we learnt about subtraction in parts. My maths group thought it was going to be a really hard strategy , but it wasn’t because we learnt it just like a snap! I’ll have to say, this strategy is quite a lot of fun. My opinion on this strategy is great, simple and fun.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Introducing Me!

As you obviously know my name is Josephine! And I’m 10 years -old of age. My hobbies are singing, dancing and playing sports. I have 2 siblings who, I love so much! I have my parents who are very, very supportive.  

My favorite colour is royal blue. My favorite baker is Miss Ouano, because she cooks yummy things all the time and I’m always eager to eat more. I love to go hang out and chill with friends. I, Josephine also loves to get Hand-Me-Downs A LOT.

I got a really great big, strange family- but who cares, I love ‘em anyways. And as I Josephine am proud to be me! I also love my little cousin in australia Quade!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Love Of My Pj's

I love to refuse to take my Pyjama's off on a sunday, wanna know why? Because I love 'em. I'm very curious that there should be a celebration called Pyjama day. The reason why I love my Pj's is because it always give you the style of when you go to sleep! 

I'd like to dedicate this post to people who wear Pyjamas. When I get in my Pyjama's I suddenly start to think of the tales- I mostly think about Cinderella in her pyjama's. I wonder if you love your Pj's? Well, do you?

Maniakalani Pt. 2

As Miss Va'afusuanga guided us to our seats , we were really excited and nervous at the same time. "Can't wait" Said Lesieli. "Me too" I replied, tangling my fingers together. Then my class started to enter the Big screen, again I waved to my friend Rave.

I turned back to my seat, and everything went black, I couldn't see anything that it seemed like I was blinded. Seeing the introduction movie come on, it let my fear go away again. The intro movie was about us kids in .G.I. having a good education with netbooks.

The very first movie, was somebody I used to know by room 17. As Lisia turned around to show her T-shirt the crowd noticed an art work designed by room 17. As the movie started , I started to get more excited than ever! Then the show went on and I was really happy after we had presentated.

Want to know what we said?:

Do you like Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling took five years to write her first Harry Potter book and sold over four hundred million copies! She took her time, she believed in herself, and she never gave up. Rowling has showed us that Great things Take time!

Today we have a special movie for you that based on hopes and dreams. This movie has a group of talented kids in Room 14 who want to make their dreams come true

Sit back, Relax, and remember: Great Things Take Time!!!!

Coin Certrifuge Instruction

Coin Centrifuge
Link to instructions


  • Coin
  • Balloon


  1. Put the coin inside the balloon
  2. Blow the balloon , so the coin can move around
  3. Spin the balloon round & round, in order for it to move like motorcycle going in circles.

Monday, November 19, 2012


  A long time ago there lived a poor miller and his daughter, Lily. Lily was clever unlike her father, who was a show - off and liked to tell tall tales.  Lily wanted to marry the prince , but thought she was too poor.  She promised the goblin if she would give the first baby to him, he’ll turn the straws into gold to make her marry the prince.  Lily had got her first baby and named him tom.

On tom’s first birthday, the goblin appeared unexpectedly and remembered the promise she’d made. The princess disagreed to the goblin. The goblin had made a bet and said “if you can guess my name you can have the baby” The princess tried and tried , but when she had gone to the market , she saw another goblin chanting “My names not Jhon , my name is not jim, my name is rumpelstiltskin” From that time Lily found out his name. Then she got to have the baby and lived happily ever after!

Friday, November 16, 2012

No, My Name Is Parker

The Keas have read an interesting book on story-bird, titled No, My Name Is Parker. This book is about a girl who has always been bullied for her pumpkin head. Parker tries to make a difference to her life, by changing her features. After she met new people who were in the same situation. Read the story to find out some more- 

Subtracting In Parts!

 When I took my test, I was finding it hard to do my tidy tens. So Miss Ouano gathered my group up and we did a tidy ten session. I find this strategy   very easy.

Maniakalani Film Festival 2012

On a nice , warm Wednesday, Point England went to the Film Festival 2012. Lesieli and I were presenters, we were really excited to go to the cinemas. Finally this day had come! I have been waiting for this moment , for a long time.

While I was in the class room , I was too excited to draw, write or read anything! By the time the bell went I was really eager to go and change. A few minutes later, everyone was playing and eating outside , while Lesieli and I were staying inside the classroom. We practised our lines, and did some commenting on students  blogs.

When the bell rang , we ran through the breeze to meet up with Mr. J and the other presenters. All the presenters finally got together. We walked through the car park and into Mr. J's van. The van looked big and cool.

As we were in the van, we laughed and told Jokes.  It was pretty fun in the van. Looking into the window , I could feel the excitement.  "Toffee Pop Cookie?" Asked Lesieli. "Sure" I replied , grabbing the cookie.  " super colour fragilistic expialidocious" cried Briana and Anahera.  Mr. J was laughing .

When we made it , we  had to stay seated in the van to wait for Miss Va'afusuanga . " super colour fragilistic expialidocious" repeated  Briana and Anahera , this time everybody laughed. We had a great time in the van. When Miss Va'afusuanga arrived from the corner of a store, we shouted "YAY" .

Coming up from the escalator , I saw my friend Rave waving at me and I waved back.  Following Miss. Va'afusuanga to the big screen , I felt butterflies in my tummy. I was really nervous.  Waiting near the small Television, Lesieli and I played some hand games , so we can let our fear off.

I entered the Big screen and there were a lot of chairs. That time my fear came back and I felt worse.

To be continued.......

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toy Story Animation!

 Lately I have been focusing on my task a lot, which is my toy story animation! It's been a very long time since I posted an animation like this.  This short animated movie - is mostly about kids playing  with electric toy now in days. To those kids who loved to play with things in the olden days, this animation is dedicated to you! I hope you enjoy this animated movie. Sit back, relax and get your toys on!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Love You Grand Dad!

Mommy and daddy gave out the news that grandad went to heaven! It was really sad.  The little girl would sit on the balcony and her love to her grandad by delivering kisses. Each kiss from her hand formed a perfect white dove. She really showed her love to her grand dad:)

I have created wordle for the special words in the book/summary!

How many 10 dollar notes?

 These past weeks, my head has been focusing on our learning intention- I am learning how many tens there are in numbers less than 100. I might think that this strategy is really fun! Since the day I learnt about it was the day I knew fast and straight.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Maths 2012

  As you can see, Mrs Jones takes her class to the zoo. She has $237 to pay for the students to get in. She has 25 students in her class does she have enough money!

If you found out the answer , its no! Because there are 23 tens in 237. Mrs Jones must need 20 more dollars:)

I hope you got this equation in your head!


    Jenna and her friends made a special new .B.U.L.L.Y. club. So far it has been great getting new members! The club has been outrageous with coming up with new ideas.  The club has been very busy with all their occasional meetings.