Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Maniakalani Pt. 2

As Miss Va'afusuanga guided us to our seats , we were really excited and nervous at the same time. "Can't wait" Said Lesieli. "Me too" I replied, tangling my fingers together. Then my class started to enter the Big screen, again I waved to my friend Rave.

I turned back to my seat, and everything went black, I couldn't see anything that it seemed like I was blinded. Seeing the introduction movie come on, it let my fear go away again. The intro movie was about us kids in .G.I. having a good education with netbooks.

The very first movie, was somebody I used to know by room 17. As Lisia turned around to show her T-shirt the crowd noticed an art work designed by room 17. As the movie started , I started to get more excited than ever! Then the show went on and I was really happy after we had presentated.

Want to know what we said?:

Do you like Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling took five years to write her first Harry Potter book and sold over four hundred million copies! She took her time, she believed in herself, and she never gave up. Rowling has showed us that Great things Take time!

Today we have a special movie for you that based on hopes and dreams. This movie has a group of talented kids in Room 14 who want to make their dreams come true

Sit back, Relax, and remember: Great Things Take Time!!!!

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