Thursday, November 22, 2012

Introducing Me!

As you obviously know my name is Josephine! And I’m 10 years -old of age. My hobbies are singing, dancing and playing sports. I have 2 siblings who, I love so much! I have my parents who are very, very supportive.  

My favorite colour is royal blue. My favorite baker is Miss Ouano, because she cooks yummy things all the time and I’m always eager to eat more. I love to go hang out and chill with friends. I, Josephine also loves to get Hand-Me-Downs A LOT.

I got a really great big, strange family- but who cares, I love ‘em anyways. And as I Josephine am proud to be me! I also love my little cousin in australia Quade!


  1. That was a lovely introduction to those who don't know you already! I love reading your blog post Josephine! I will really miss you next year!

    Miss Ouano :)

    1. Thanks Miss Ouano,

      I will miss your lovely baking and especially you too!