Monday, April 29, 2013


Unfortuanetly Melanie Blatt from the X-Factor seems like she is having a fear of guitar. I think! Lots of auditions have involved guitars! Anyway an Amazing church singer 'Oriana' has done an amazing audition! Ashley Tonga and her are now my favorites:) What do you think?? 

Just Updated!

Little mix have just updated their behind the scenes (how ya doin?) video! I hope you enjoy it:)


Netball is going to be here soon! Next week maybe? We are going to play at the Auckland AMI courts on tuesdays. If you have someone related in team 2, it would be great if come and support. I hope we are going to win our first game. I am soooo Excited! I am also pumped up:) I can not wait! Good luck team 2.  

Made With A Smile:)

Tonight, Hope and I made yummy Burgers! Made with a smile. We decided to make it fast so that we can watch X-factor which is on today at 7:30 pm. We added a few carrots and lettuce and tomato's. It smelt yummy! Something was weird about the ham. It was a ham bone! I was quit new with that! Me and hope have been going over and over about wednesday! Because we are going with Pricilla and Jennifer to make butterflies and more.  After that we will go to Mcdonalds! Which is going to be outstanding!

Next Week?

Next week is going to be fabulous! We are all finally going back to school. For term 2. Are you ready to start a new learning term. I am. And I cant wait. Its very important that you go to school. 


Writing is one of my favorite subjects! You get to write about lot's of things:) When I write I imagine things , once I imagine I put my imagination on to the paper. I love that there is lot's of things you can write about. My dislike is nothing. Anybody can write! Come on! Its that simple and good. 

Good Holidays:)

We are now currently on the 2nd week of the holiday's and it is going so good! Super Duper:) I am now at a friends house blogging, because I am having a sleepover at hopes house for the rest of the holidays! Last night hope and we watched X-Factor. This morning we had breakfast and we went to Hope's training . I got to join in with her training. It was actually a good way to warm up for our game:) After 2 hours of training we went back home and made some videos , food and more! How is your holiday? I can not post any pictures because I do not have permission! This will happen for the rest of the week

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Going To The Market

Today , my dad and I went to the market. We bought lot's of food! Like a pie, ice cream, steak rolls , island food and Toro Churros. I loved the churros because the lady filled up the large churro with dark chocolate sauce. During our time buying, we went to a volleyball game the took 3 whole hours!  When we were driving home , there was a big traffic filled with cars that kept on beeping. So we went the other way home which took VERY long. All though we made it safetly home

Friday, April 26, 2013

Keep Trying

Always never give up. Keep going! No matter how weak or strong you are. Its your night , make it happen. Even though people are putting you down, push it away and show them. . show them who you really are! Which is a winner, a vanquisher also conqueror!  

Goals 2013

1. My goal is to become a wedding planner:)

2. Finish things off neatly and properly!

3. Always listen and respect

4. Be kind and love one another

5. Always go to church

6. Help out others with special things

7.  Be my best everyday and light up someone

8. Have my best behavior

9 .  Work hard/ Play Hard

10. Enjoy life and have fun!

Wreck-It Ralph!

Is there a movie that come to you mind called 'Wreck - It Ralph' ? The movie is about a bad guy called Ralph who wants to be the good guy in an arcade game, but everybody is going against that. So Ralph went 'Turbo' and went to a different arcade game call Heroes Duty. He stole the medal from the tower. What happens next? Find out and watch the movie. I reccomend the movie to you:) 

Jamie's World

Meet Jamie:) She is an entertaining comedian. She is known as "Jamie Curry aka Jamies world". She loves to make people laugh their socks off which I like. The cool thing about her is that she is from New Zealand! Jamie has tones of likes on her youtube or Facebook videos:) Here is her video called "Gangnam Style" which is one of my favorites:) 

What did you have for dinner?

Tonight I ate night market. For main , I had two lovely chicken and friend prawn kebabs , chicken and chips along with crunchy  Chinese dumpling.  For Dessert, we had Spanish delight churros along with a tiny bit of caramel and LOTS AND LOTS of chocolate sauce. For extra's, I had popcorn and a coke:) What did you have? (this is not the on from night market:)

Killer Karaoke

Can you handle the Killer Karaoke. A show hosted by Steve- O. This show contains people singing but hurting them as well. Which is sad:( There is a moral for this show. "Whatever happens, keep singing and don't stop" I would be devastated if that were me.  

The Voice Trouble

Tonight, my family were watching the voice! I love the show, also the judges. But there was something fishy going on! The chairs were not working. Usually when the judges press the big red button , their chairs turn:) But tonight it did not. That's why it had to be continued! Poor Judges:(

What Do You Want To Do?

When I grow up , I would love to plan a wedding. I seriously have been dreaming to do this for a long time. Seriously! The reason why I want to do it, is because I love it and because it's like kind of your wedding but its somebody else's:) So, Whats you dream? 

Going To The Night Market

Today I was lucky that I got to go to the Papatoe night market. We were there for a 'long' time. We bought Cupcakes, Ice cream , chinese food and more. My favorite food was the chicken and prawn kebab. I was very spoiled at Night Market. I wasn't quite into the spanish churros because it was cold! What I dislike was the smell and the air. It made me step out of my comfort zone:( 

My 2 favorite shops was the  Indian tattoos for kids at any age. Also the nail bit. @ the nail shop a lady was showing me how to do a piece of art on your nail which was VERY easy. It was $10 for a hole set:) Overall the papatoe night market was a rate out of 100/100

Our Trip To M.I.T 2

After a refreshing drink in the staff room, we went back to the room where we were supposed to be. . . there were even more people! Thats when I started to feel shy:) The lady checked the room to see if everybody is here. Then Mrs. Burt gave me the 'nod'. Thats when I started speaking about my introduction. After all the Ambassadors finished talking, we got to have some treats. We all got Hubba Bubba's & Cadbury's caramel chocolate bars also those sour long sugar rainbow lollies:) 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am very , very tired now. From all that shopping and walking. I can't wait to start a new day tomorrow. I hope you have a good night sleep:) From Josephine

Tips for Ideas for mothers day!

Tip 1:

Think of what your going to get her! E.t.c : Breakfast in bed! Think carefully about what you are going to do or plan.

Tip 2:

Think of your mums favorite breakfast , write it down. Double check what you have written.

Tip 3:

Make it happen! Give you mom a special card and hug. Tell her to stay in bed for a while. Once you tell her run to the kitchen and start cooking.

Tip 4: 

Sing a song as you walk in. Place the plate on her lap/tray. Ask her if she wants anything else.

Tip 5:

Have a special mothers day on May the 12th

Becky From The Block

  Known as rapper/ singer Becky G has made her Music video 'Becky from the block!' This song was a 'remake' from the original song 'Jenny from the block' by Jennifer Lopez:) She talks about her life and her family and what she wants to be. What I like about this video is that she put her 'real' family in the video like her brother, cousins and her mom:) 

Wassabi Productions!

Wassabi Productions known as 'hoiistroi' is a hit on youtube! They are very talented and funny. It all started out with rolanda! Which came viral around our school. So I cam home and decided to watch it. This made me a wassabi fan:) They post their video every wednesday (thursday in new zealand). What I like about their videos is that they show tones of parodies and more:) 

Staying up 2

I'm not tired, I'm not exauhsted! I just love the fact that i'm staying up. I challenge myself! I will challenge my self to stay up very late. All though I might get myself in to massive trouble. What can I say? I love staying up. It keeps me company when I cant sleep.

Its A Parent Thing!

" I'm going to sign up for virtual worlds!" STOP RIGHT THERE! First of all you need to ask for permission, you need to ask your parents if you can join the site. Always stay away from danger online. Also ask your parents for permission for camps, trips. . well, almost everything! Its a parents job!

Memories in room five

I remember when I was little , I loved playing with my friends. All though I was a little cry baby all the time. I actually regret the fact that I always cried. When I was little I liked to read books. I'd always mainly get in trouble because I kept on playing with the domino's like a cooking utensil.  When I was in Mrs. She's class , Miss King, would always come into our class to teach me math! 

The Going Place Group

As a little child, Mrs Jarman put me in a special group called going places. It was very similar to the Ambassadors. The going places group got to make Movies, talk to others and find out new things. I remember I made a story about a dinosaur who I was really scared of! Mrs. Jarman made a movie and told me to say my story to the camera. Here's a question! Where did you go 'going places' what happened? 

Here is the link to the video-

Ice Cream

Nothing can beat the desserted ice called Ice cream! My favorite flavor would have to be  strawberry because I actually love the colour and the taste! I am looking forward to tasting cookie dough. Which I guest is mostly fill with dough. Now i'm feeling like eating ice cream and cookies:)


At PES, we have a moral where we have to chuck all our scraps in the right bin. This motto has been around for a few years at our school. All though this should be said around the country. Today when I went shopping I could see rubbish scattered onto the floor. Make New Zealand a better place:) Make Nature happy. 

Staying Up!

In the holidays I like to stay up all night! On school nights my bedtime would be 7:30 or 8:30. Staying up late can be very hard. In the morning it actually makes my eyes go baggy. When I stay up , I sometimes wake up very late. But as an Ambassador I change my bed time to 7:30.

Mothers day:)

Mothers day is coming up and I hope you got your plans ready. Mothers day is celebrated on may the 12th. It is very lucky because a person I know is giving birth before mothers day:) For mothers day, I decided that I would go shopping for my mom or breakfast in bed? I'm still thinking though! 

Have A Parent!

If you are making something that involves scissors , for young people it's best if you give to a parent or an elder. When I was young I accidently cut my finger and it hurt so badly. This just does not happen with scissors. . it happens with knives, glue guns, pins and needles. Teachers , its good to keep your students safe. :) 

3 Tips For Starting Off You Own Student Blog!

1st step:

Welcome all visitors to your blog by posting a welcome post. Add a photo of yourself and describe who you are!

2nd step:

Start posting what you are learning about;) So that people cna leave you feed back about your learning!

3rd step:

Post what you are doing! Enjoy yourself on your blog and therefore you blog will be great:)

I Miss School

Over the past day I have missed school:( I miss my learning and my netbook. I wish we only had a 1 week holiday , so that I can get back on my learning fast! Do you miss your school? I miss my school because how we go on our netbooks and how we get to play. I know lots of people will miss their teachers! 

What I Am

In 2011 , the girls in room 13 have teamed up and made a movie based on what I am! This was originally sung by Will. I. Am. We made this movie when we were year 4's. I still love this movie:) My favorite bit, was when I acted a little grouchy! All though this movie was the best :) hope you enjoy! 
What I am from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


On the last day of school , we were told that whoever does the most blog posts gets a phone (with a SIM card). This has been said by Mr. Barks and Mrs. Burt! They clearly said "whoever posts in the holidays , gets to be in the draw with the others, if their lucky name gets pulled out!" This was actually exciting:)

(This is only for the students at point england school)   

What did you do for Anzac day?

Today for Anzac day we went to Onehunga to do some shopping, since it was my parents day off from work:) My sister and I were lucky because we got spoilt from my dad. My sister had her '3rd' converses. Well, I got to have a marvelous lunch. Next week we will be going shopping for 'my' shoes and I am going to get Vans. Well. . . I was almost going to get it but , I found out I already had my lunch:(  What did you do?? 

Our Trip To M.I.T

On a calm Friday (April 12th), the Ambassadors were at their own Fiafia practices! Once the clock hit 12: 34 Quasia, Lesieli and I quickly took off our hawaiian lays  and placed it in our  bag neatly, then we ran all the way to our class. Quasia went to grab the rest of the Ambassadors. When we all met up, we quickened our pace and went straight to Mr. Burts office. Mr . Burt guided us to the school van! I sat next to Sela.

When the van started making its way , I started to pray. During our time in the van we sang songs, told jokes and were having a little gossip:) When we made it we were very excited. We made our way out of the van and stood in our line. Mrs. Burt lead us to where we suppose to go. When we got to the room, we looked around and saw people studying or eating. "Would you like some water?" A lady offered us. We replied with a "yes". The ambassadors were so lucky we got to have our drink in the staff room:) 

To be continued. . . .

Happy Anzac Day

Today is Anzac day and I am guessing you should be wearing a poppy to show respect to those in the battle. Did you donate Anzac day? Once you donate Anzac day, you get a poppy. Least we forget. We thank thee for all has done:) Thousands has gathered for Anzac day services! 

To Allana T & Mrs Croll

Dear Allana & Mrs Croll!

Thank you for your feedback:) I could see you asked some questions!

Mrs Croll:

What I enjoy mostly about blogging is that we connect and share with the 'world', not just one person! Also what I like is that people can leave feedback on our posts.


My favorite posts this year would have to be my Chinese Cinderella post, because I got to tell people about the book i'm reading, and I get to tell them about each chapter:)

Thank you both:)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Friends always treat each other like a good sibling. They hang out all the time. They never let anyone left behind or out. Friends really like to bond. They forgive but sometimes forget. When they are far away , if feels like their close. Sometimes you grow up with them till the end. I hope this post was inspiring:) 

My Kitchen Rules

I have loved the very entertaining show ' My kitchen rules' AKA MKR. I would have to say the food they cook makes me hungry. Every time at dinner I act like I am the judges. My favorite group of people would be Melina and Angelina , Jake & Elle  Dan and steff also Kerrie and Craig! But I love all the contestants too. Right now I am watching my two favorite teams battle, which is sad:( They are Jake & Elle and Melina and Angelina. I hope they both win! 

My Grandpa (Mums Side)

My Grandpa  is the most intelligent man! I really love him! I haven't seen him since I was about 4 or 3 because he has moved to Sydney. Out of my siblings the last person who saw him was my brother and that was about a year ago. How sad is that? But someday I will see him! Not just him, but the rest of my family. 

100th Post This Year!

Thanks to blogger , I have now posted 100 blog posts this term (term 1). Wow! 100 is a very big number! I am very proud and impressed with my self. Pat on the back. This kind of feels like something viral! Well thank you blogger and my blog also those who made my blog. 

Math Whizz

What Do You Like About Maths Whizz?

I like that we get to learn lot's of new things. I like that we get rewards for completing maths tasks. I lastly like that we learn 2x faster at our maths skills.

What is you Dislike?

Overall I dislike nothing! I love maths whizz!

What is your rate?

100/100 because we are safe on maths whizz!