Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Friends always treat each other like a good sibling. They hang out all the time. They never let anyone left behind or out. Friends really like to bond. They forgive but sometimes forget. When they are far away , if feels like their close. Sometimes you grow up with them till the end. I hope this post was inspiring:) 


  1. I think you are right Josephine. I have a friend who lives in England and I have moved back to New Zealand. We still laugh about our shared memories, talk on the phone and text - just like she was living down the street.
    My friend sent me a card that said good friends had strange powers - they knew what each other was thinking!
    Treasure your friends - they are very important.

    1. Thank you Allana!

      I really appreciate your wonderful feedback! You are right! I hope you guys get to see eachother again:) god bless:)