Monday, April 22, 2013


Gianna was having a nice day at school. She was crowned best student, most kindest of all and had her 10th prize from the week. Katie had nothing, but 1 candy for answering one question. Gianna sat down at the cafeteria with Katie. "How was your day?" Katie asked. "It was AMAZING , I got crowned best student , most kindest of all and had my 10th prize from this week and its only Wednesday!" Replied Gianna. Katie felt Jealous because all of the things Gianna had. On Thursday Gianna had done it again! Katie hated her so much that she would be mean to her.

On Friday morning, Gianna was walking down the Hall way. "Hey , Stupid" She heard something, turning back she noticed that it was Katie. Gianna was sad, very sad. Katie giggled with laughter. During class time Mrs. Bubby asked the class a hard question that nobody could answer. " The an-" Gianna was interuppted by katie. "What a nerd. NERD, NERD, GEEK, GEEK , GEEK!" mocked Katie.

The hole class was filled with laughter. But as for Gianna she was sad. 'RIIIINNNNNGGG' the bell rang. Gianna walked through the corridors, scared. She kept on being bumped by Katie and her crew. A tear streamed down her face saying 'stop it'. Katie laughed while Gianna kept on crying. Katie pushed her onto the locker and hit her. From that Katie realized how sorry she was. Gianna ran away.

At maths class , Katie interuppeted the class and looked at Katie. "I'd like to say something" she proposed. "I just want to say sorry to Gianna, because what I did was wrong , I acted like a stupid girl, will you forgive me?" Asked Katie to Gianna. " Yes" Gianna replied.  The rest of the day seemed like a good day to Katie
and Gianna.

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