Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fiafia 2013 pt. 2

After putting on lipstick, I had to wait for all the other girls getting changed! They looked very pretty:) Once everything was set and done we walked past the breeze and into the very big crowd of audience sitting down! Trust me it was alot of people. We were the first group to sit outside onto the carpet. It felt really hot on a cold night , so I took my cardigan off. A few minutes later 'all' of the fiafia groups came. While sitting I kept on saying " He inoa no kalani kalakaua " which was the ending part of the song. " ITS STARTING, ITS STARTING!" Said Quasia really excitingly!

After the presenters and Mr. Burt talked about whats happening the poanamu group came on the stage, overall the hawaiian group thought it was 'A.W.E.S.O.M.E' because they went really hard. After watching a few dances we were almost on stage. Then it was time for the niuean group to perform. They did so well doing their performance. After that was the senior hip-hop group their dance was very pumping because there was a lot of movement! After the senior group was the 'hawaiian' group. During our time waiting Lesieli and I noticed that our lipstick has come off! From help from Mrs . Kirkwood she put it on again.

When we got on stage, I could feel the shyness attacking me with stage fright bombs! " Mahalo nui ia ke ali'i wahine, o lili ulani o ka wo hi ku" I heard the music start. Once I heard it , I defeated those shy bombs and then I danced gracefully and calmly.   After our performance we  went straight back to room 14 and got change into our normal clothes.

We went back outside and saw other groups performing. The last item was the cook island performance , they did something really traditional when they had to grab someone from the crowd and dance with them! It looked really cool. Sadly it was finished so, I went home with justice that the hawaiian group girls did a great job! I hope theres one next year or. . . . next term! Thanks to our three tutors and Miss M and her crew also Mrs. Kirkword most.

Here are some photos from our performances! 


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