Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Eggs!

Easter Bunny's!
Apple Easter Eggs grow from my imagination!
Slurp! slurp! slurp!
Tree's full of yummy Easter surprises!
Easter time for the children!
Rules over here is eat Easter chocolate eggs!

Easter eggs!
Go Easter
Good taste!
Sharing the ideas of Easter!

My tastebuds are eagerly waiting for those eggs!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Camp Day 1!

Our first activity was Top Team  which sounded pretty cool . We raced to the bathroom and got changed as quick as we could!
I raced along to Miss King and my team so that we can get started! We walked along to the bottom field! where the bottom field was. Our opponents of the game were the Respecstars , I knew that we were going to win this game! I took a look around all my opponents and felt nervous, My legs were shaking! LET THE GAMES BEGIN! We ran over the river and the and onto the cardboard there were 3 pieces of big cardboard that our hole team could stand on. We moved  the other piece right in front of us. It leaded us to the water bombs. Splat! splash!  splat! the water went onto their faces and tommies!  The game went on! after the game WE WON!

Our next activity was kayaking, so we walked to the Point England beach with our togs kept on and our towels in our bag. I was so  lucky because I got to go on Mr Malloy’s boat.
I watched my group kayaking all by themselves.  I asked Mr Malloy if I could hop off the super extreme boat. I asked my friend ana if she could kayak with me, she said yes!. We kayaked along the different colored canoes! SPLASH! my legs dropped into the water! “ooops”  ana said! Then we were finished

The first day of camp was really cool it helped me learn how to do jobs around the house!
Camp was really fun I loved it so much!
It was the best day of my camp years! I’m looking forward through next year!

Kiwi Grub For Mohua

This is a menu that I have designed I hope you like my description about mohua! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Okatapodi is  a short film that was set in Greece.  Room 14 watched oktapodi and was amazed by the graphics.Okatapodi means octopus!
This morning we learned that when you see something wrong,  you need to fix it. The main characters are
a orange octopus and a pink octopus!

The two octopus fell in love and were having a great time together, then a bad case  had come. The fisherman grabbed the pink octopus  and walked off with the octopus stuck in the cage. The orange octopus watched the man get away and imagined that the octopus was going to be eaten. ROOM ROOM!  the car was getting started the orange octopus jumped out of the tank and jumped its way to the fisherman’s car. he peaked out the back window  and saw the pink octopus and went along to the passenger's window.

The fisherman looked out  the window and tried to punch the orange octopus! The pink octopus peaked out of its cage and stopped the car, SCREEEECH! the car went, the cage opened and the pink octopus went flying out of the car.  The pink octopus went along with the other octopus and went jumping, then the fisherman came and tried to catch them both!
they fell in the pool and bounced and bounced and bounced along other peoples bouncy equipment.

The fisherman tried to catch up but then he flied out to shore! The octopuses were sitting on the washing line and another bad case had come! The segaul opened his mouth wide and catched the male octopus!
To be continued......

The moral of the story is to help one another or when bad cases of romance come go for a dangerous battle and fix it also go for it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Tekoteko

A tekoteko is a carving figure with glaring eyes, it has that because it protects the marae from harm!
    The tekoteko is special to the marae!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boot camp!!!

On the first day of camp there were a lot of things going around the rotations!!!

Our first activity was an obstacle course, top team was the name of the game! This game really needed a lot of team work if you really wanted to win the obstacle course game! This game was really my favorite because it had hard work in the game that you will need to do!!
My crew had a great co-operate together!
The great thing was that we had fun and we won!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebration Time!!

Yummy delightful treats  had come into the class for a special celebration!!! For a special someone to bring her family in and have some special thankful treats!!

On  a cold blustery morning after assembly room 14 went to celebrate Rave’s special birthday inside our class!! As I entered the  classroom I took a great puff from all that excitement at assembly!!

Then  Rave’s  parents and her little brother  had finally come in to celebrate the treats and the birthday!!! I gasped and told my friends that we were going to have some yummy treats to celebrate a really great person!!

As I ate the cupcake the icing melted all over my fingers!!! “WHOOPS” I mumbled!
I licked of all the icing off my fingers!
Then it was time for some nice kebab’s. I took one bite at the soft bit of the marshmallow!! It felt so sticky on my taste buds!!!

It was a really great time to celebrate Raves Birthday with her family!!!
We all loved the treats also,  we loved to have rave in our class!

It was so great that  we had Raves family come in!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A bowl of rice!

1st: First the rice is planted  in spring
2nd: You will need to plough the paddy fields
3rd: Pump the water on to the land!
4th: Zwe's mother plants rows and rows of seedlings into the muddy water!
5th: When it's Summer everyone is up early because it was time to harvest the rice!
6th: the bright green stalks have turn yellow!
7th: The seed heads are ripe!
8th: The paddy fields have been drained and the ground was hard and dry!
9th: When the long stalks of rice have been cut, they take them to the farmer at the threshing machine!
10th:THE Job of the machine is the machine has to separate the rice from the grain!
11th:The machine blows the stalks out at one end splits the rice grains into large sacks!
12th: The grains Must be dried!
13TH: the farmers haul the heavy sacks
14th: they tip out the rice and rake  the grains along the side of the road!
15th: Then they start to walk over the rice and they also start to cattle trample on it , sometimes cars and bikes  ride over it!
16th:Zwe and his family eat it three times a day Sometimes  they eat rice with Meat, fish, Or eggs  with their rice!
also soup, fruit and coconut! Zwe's mother is cooking steamed rice with her new rice cooker!
17th: Tonight  is a special treat, Zwe  is allowed to buy a leafy bundle of his faviroute sticky-rice and bean-paste sweets from the road sides stall! Zwez loves the rice!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Great things take must take great time!

Great things must take great time. One day I hope That I will achieve all my goals for sports!

I must achieve to play for the silver ferns also I want to be the player of the day more then once!
I hope that some day I will complete my tasks for netball. I  will listen to the coach  while playing a tournament or playing a normal game!

My goal is to be free in a game also to mark my opponents and try my best to never give up! Just like our korero Champs never give up.

My experience of writing this story is really fun! I will try my best to complete all of these tasks , I know that it will take a long time but my hopes and dreams will hold on to it!

sorry I have
 no picture!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Goals For being an Excellent Student at Point England

In order to be an awsome and excellent student at Point England you must respect your family, best friends and the people at Point England.

You need to remember the korero in assembly, Remember, Eyes , Ears,  Everyone Co- operating together! That means RESPECT!!! When you respect other people, People might respect you too.
And suddenly you will have a nice day with lots of respect!

When I write this story it reminds me of when I do not respect people! My goal is to respect people when I am at school with other point englanders!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Camp Day in 2 more weeks!!!

Every year in term 1 year 5's and up go to the Point England school camp!
Last year in room 13 I would look outside and watch them do camp instead of doing work.

I can not WAIT for the Year 5 and 6 camp!
I can not wait that my tiny fingers are tangled together right now!

I was so happy that Miss Ouano and Miss garden pronounced the camp notices! I was so glad that she said that we have to pack for camp NEXT WEEK!

Are you ready for camp Point England? :D 


My own 1st Vision board!

*Vision board 2012*

SPORTS: I will achieve to  be the best I can and I want to be the best champion of  all time also I will never give up no matter what!!!

Healthy: I want to attend sports and also touch So I can eat healthy and be alot more stronger then ever.

Friends: My goal is to stop  being selfish and to stop being a little mean also a I need to avoid the chatting with my friends when my teacher is talking to me!!!

Class:For my goal to happen I need to stop talking to one of my friends when my teacher is talking to the class or when an adult is talking too!

Reading: I need to Understand what the book means and to follow the instructions of the reading activity.

MATH:I will try to  always answer the hard questions and listen to the instructions!

Writing: I must  do my goals which is  to write so so so so tidy and I want to be more smart so that I can be more smart and so that I can have Lot's of comments on my blog!

FAMILY: I need to stop being LAZY!!!