Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maths Working Out

 This week, we are focusing on percentages and learning them through prices of things. I have learnt a lot of stuff from this, even how to convert percentages into fractions and into decimals too! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tamaki College - Talk Back

This morning, our year 8's had the great privilege of listening to a few year 9 speakers from Tamaki College about what their school is like. They told us many facts about their school and even what its like on a typical day! The speakers that came were some of the  ex-Point England students who were either house-captains or prefects. One of my favorite things that they said, was about how they like to do P.E. every afternoon.  And if you didn't know, I love to do a lot of physical education! Following that, the speakers gave us a bit of advice for next year which were very thoughtful. Thank you to the small group that came, I hope you do come back t tell us a bit more. 

Future Thinkers

  In our literacy class, we have been focusing on an article by the name of " Future-Thinkers " which was written by Pat Quinn. Mrs Tele'a gave us a presentation to fill out the questions that were written inside. This text has made me go deeper in to being a future thinker and also a future learner too.