Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shopping With My Brother And My Dad

"Where do you wanna go son?" My dad asked, I was mad because he didn't ask me! "I don't know" He replied, shrugging his shoulders. My mouth transformed as a smile, hoping he would ask me, but he didn't , he chose the place himself. Such a disappointing time.

"How about Sylvia Park?" My dad questioned. "YES,YES,YES" I shouted. We found a carpark and got out of the car. As I got out the chills were stroking my hair 'such a wonderful evening' I thought to myself. We went through the entrance and Christmas songs were jingling.

We thought about going to the warehouse , because I saw some cute outfits and my brother saw cool boy stuff and my dad saw cologne! First we stopped by some red Christmas socks and it was really HUGE!

I walked along the shoe shelf and stopped by a really nice looking shoe for school! Then in a blink of an eye I forgot about it and went back to my dad. We got near the music , game, television shelf. "ooooooo, the DNA album must be here! IT HAS TO BE HERE" I said, in a wierd way. I looked through all the boxes filled with albums, but no sign:(

''What is that smell?" I asked. "gas" my brother said. "you farted!" I replied. "No, gas, car gas duh?" He said. After buying all the pieces of chocolates (the only things we bought) we hoped to come back:)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great shopping trip! I love The Warehouse, I just can't stop myself when im there! Did you get the DNA album in the end?

    Miss Ouano :)

  2. Hi Josephine,

    I really think that this story you wrote was pretty awesome. I think you are amazing writer and I think you might get the award again for most blog posts coming 2rd.

    By Rave

    1. Thanks rave,

      Love the wonderful comment! Such a delight for you to say that. Oh, and I hope you get one too:) good luck all the best!