Thursday, December 6, 2012

DNA Album!

Finally the DNA album has made it to New Zealand! Where have you been?  But that's not all their publishing books of the group , themselves .  These girls can handle having a platinum album, and I know it! Wanna know why? because I am a GIANT mixer! While watching the Four Live Show, Shannon held up the book and read part of it and then held up the one and only DNA album! I went up jumping up and down for me hoping to get it.  She said to get this prize you'll need to text four live to win! "oh, the bad thing is  don't have a phone!" But don't worry , I'm saving up! 

 Lets add the preview of the album to this blog, have a listen and it'll be a quick inspiration! Once you've had the inspiration listen to the FULL album! yes, full, now get your ears on and get blown away! barely. :) LITTLE MIIIXXX!

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