Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baking Yummy Donuts With Miss Ouano!

On a bright calm day, my friends and I were filming our special little mix movie. Moments past , I smelt some thing yummy . it smelt like pancake mix. I peered through the door to see what was going on. "Oh! no!" I shouted "their making it already!" The girls eventually  looked out the door and their eyes grew wide.

Luckily Miss Ouano got to do it with another group, so we joined in! The first thing we had to do was spill the pancake mix into the donut maker. Some over-spilt and some over-floated but surprisingly my one was perfect. When Miss Ouano opened up the Donut maker the steam smelt so yummy.

During my time staring at the donuts, Miss Ouano came out with a bowl of blue icing and containers of sprinkles!  "Such a yummy suprise" I said to myself.  We had to put the icing on top of the donut and add some yummy sprinkles. After a few moments I was generally full from all the treats I had. I tried to eat one more but I was too full and it was so yummy!

What delight! Thank you Miss Ouano!

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  1. Its my pleasure Josephine! I want to make our last few weeks as a class memorable!

    Miss Ouano :)