Friday, December 7, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Having a netbook has recently been a blessing for me. I get to type up the new things I have learnt and by clicking publish , it starts a whole new technology life. Over the past months  I have been learning new things on my netbook, such as the new google drive  and more!

Pencil and paper was a huge mistake for us kids. Now, i’m trying to refuse the pen and pencil. At the beginning of time when we had stationery , it was a hard for us , wanna know why? Every moment we read to the class , we could hardly see anything with the messy black shades covering the words.

The most frustrating   things are having to connect to the wireless, which is devastating! But thats not it , I have problems with my netbook freezing randomly.

In terms of having a netbook, I have learnt about how we can share technology with the world.  People all over the globe frequently , read my blog and leave a comment and their URL in order for me to check what they have been learning.

Today, a technology life begins, and i’m proud to be apart of it! The manaiakalani cluster raised more money because of our netbooks. Learning online is a faster path of getting to university.

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  1. Hi Josephine its me Faafetai I really like your blog about your Reflection because you got heaps of details and good information.You Rock By Faafetai