Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The short film partly cloudy was created by the one and only Peter Shawn. The name partly cloudy means the other cloud is apart from the perfect white clouds. This short film was produced by the pixar films. This film was produced by Kevin Reher. Room fourteen watched Partly Cloudy. My review is about the animated short film Partly Cloudy.

The first chapter of the short film we watched was when all the kind storks were dropping off the white bags for the people to have a surprise. Then we saw the storks fly up to the beautiful white clouds to get their deliveries of cute things. The grey cloud named Gus made different kinds of creations that were dangerous for the storks to carry and for the dangerous surprises!

This short film was an excellent film because it shows lots of friendship:) I would recommend this to all my friends and family because it will give them the idea from the Moral of the film. So if you would like to watch it here it is! Partly Cloudy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Netball Thoughts:p

last year pirahnas:)
Thursdays are always lucky days, You know why?  Well let me give you a clue... it  has been my favorite sport AND it was my first sport that I ever played  for the school team. Well if you guessed that sport is NETBALL:) My story is about my netball team:)

Today my netball team is very ,very,very excited about our netball game today. Wanna know why? because today we are playing against  HOLY CROSS! it is going to be a fascinating game. I am really looking forwards to having a great game, it doesn't really matter who wins it matters if we have a great game:D

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gleaming Water 2012!

Filled with anticipation, we walked to the pool, because nothing excites us more than swimming.
My paragraphs are about swimming in 2012. Finally it was Team 4’s turn off to swimming(:

My Feet slipped into the pool like a dolphin’s tail. Lying on my back, my feet were kicking. The water was warm and relaxing around my body. Kick kick, breathe, breathe, swimming is exhausting  In my group there were less girls and more boys. Our instructor was a female her name was Natalie

We were learning to do Freestyles and Gliding! Holding on to the board my legs were really exhausted and my hands were slipping out of the board barely!  As I was kicking my feet got a little weak and it hurt my legs, but what I knew was that I could never give up!

All this term I have been learning that I could never give up. The moral of our swimming is to save our souls one day! I had a lot of fun and I had heaps of relaxation with my instructor! She has told me lot’s and giving me good instructions. I hope one day she will never give up!(:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Andy Warhol's Style Of Art!

The wonderful Andy Warhol decided to draw magnificent popular art! He became the prince of pop art, one of his greatest is his Marilyn Monroe painting! My paragraphs are about Andy Warhol’s style of art. Andy Warhol was a famous American  who draws popular things and popular people! He is famous because he can do popular  art and they are a hit!         

Andy Warhol’s art is very popular because he drew supermarket products that he got payed for. Pop art is when the colors are reversed and it mostly contains bold outlines! Mostly he drew art of tomato soup cans for the supermarket. Also he painted celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.  For his experience he has done a lot of silk screening, sketching, screen printing, cropping.

Bright colors shone against Marilyn Monroe’s  face as Andy Warhol screen printed his lovely Pop Art! Andy Warhol inverts the colors to Marilyn Monroe’s face. He uses simple strong shapes to make his pop art stand out. His pictures are very similar to a very popular comic books.This is because he is a thoughtful man.

My final thoughts on Andy Warhol's art is that they are superbly amazing because thats why his art always stands out. I think he was a really great artist. His pieces of art always stand out in the crowd. My favorite piece would be his latest ones such as his painting of Michael Jackson.