Monday, May 30, 2011

Multiplication Picture

this is a picture that shows you a multiplication,we are learning what multiplication means.There are 8 cakes and each cake has 2 candles on top. How Many candles are all together? There are 16 candles all together.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gleaming Water

My Feet slipped into the pool like a dolphin’s tail. Lying on my back, my feet were kicking. The water was warm and relaxing around my body.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordle Creating

In Room Thirteen we are learning about sentence Beginnings. We have been going on our site and we have clicked on What an Ambush! created by Toreka Telea. Once we clicked on it it was pretty a long story . so we had highlighted the sentence beginnings and made them into a different colour. Then we copied and pasted them into Wordle to create a picture of all the sentence beginnings that Toreka used.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

marble run activity.

Today room thirteen had created a Marble run . A marble run is an activity when you can get stuff from your house like books and string,dominoes and toys. Once you have got all those things try and connect them together and try and get a marble from your teacher or the shops or houses. Then when you have done you can put the marble on the start then flick the marble and then the marble goes down crushes the dominoes on the book through the string and you can build another one if you’d like. Room thirteen had desigend an out standing marble run. we had groups. my group was Gloria,Kashya and Ana also Aldora. We were arguing when we were working so we started to work it out. Then we were communicating with working better.We kept on testing over and over. At least we did. but it was really hard.Room thirteen had fun making marble run.
my group had a process of trial and error. My group and I made some modifications and we started to be very proud and we felt very happy.
We had to give up but we did’nt.. we tried over and over trying to complete our marble run. marble run was invented by rube Goldberg. rube Goldberg is a professional at marble run .He can make a really excisiting marble run. Just like room thirteen did. groups were sighing and finished. by the end my group still had trouble then after we had one more try but it still did not work.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

straw bridge

Today Room thirteen made straw bridges. First Miss King said to room thirteen that triangles are the strongest shape.’’Its fun to learn about triangles’’
Miss King told room thirteen to get in to groups so that we can make a straw bridge. So room thirteen gathered all around in to groups. My group was Gloria, Kashya, Ana, Aldora. We started to make triangles then our friend Gloria put all the triangles together. ’’Wow’’ I was amazed how we put our ideas together when we started to communicate. We made lots and lots of triangles we were lucky that we did not have any arguments at all. So we had put all our triangles together and we had finished our amazing straw bridge. We started to shout ‘’Miss King we have finished our straw tower.” Miss King put a1000 block on our bridge and we were so lucky that it did not collapse.
We were the happiest team of all.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ALBANY north shore tornado

Yesterday afternoon there was an adverse weather event in Albany North shore. It has damaged buildings and houses. A tornado is a terrfying event with strong winds that can pick up buildings also destroy cars, house or even large companies. About ten people ended up in hospital and one person had died. Most people are fine so that’s good news.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Towers

Today room Thirteen did an activity that teaches us about BIGGER, better, FASTER, STRONGER.
Our activity was called Straw Tower. “”The word straw tower kind of makes me laugh””.
Building straw towers helps us Be creative and to Communicate well with people. ‘’Me and my Group had the strength to be creative’’. My group were arguing at first so we started to Communicate better, so we could work on our problems. it was hard work for us to finish the tower off. We had a problem with making the straws longer so that we can make it better. so we did. it took us a lot of Brains to turn on and strength to turn on too.
so we started To make more ideas But we ran out of time. ‘’we still loved it. it’s good that miss king said that our one was the straightest, I was glad about our tower.