Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Last Day In Room 14

Past all these terms , I have learnt a lot of new inspirational things.  I have really knowledged   school, and I love it! My teacher Miss Ouano has teached me a lot of things , now I'm ready for the future. Next year is going to be different from the grand room 14:)

Thanks room 14, for having me as a student:)+ wishing you all the best for next year. Love Josephine:)

Monday, December 10, 2012

What School Am I From?

I'm proud to be from a school, with good, adorable teachers. As, I am also glad of having a good , intelligent class. Coming to this school, was very speechless, all I could say was 'AMAZING!' Meeting the new entrance class, was utterly wonderful. 

I LOVE being in this school! No matter , if I get in detention or any of that, i'll still love it. The staff , including the teachers lead the students to a great future. This year I have learnt a lot of morals and lots all from one person! Mr. Burt.  He is the one , who keeps me on track and ready for my future. 

'aaw' lets not forget about my teacher Miss Ouano, she's the one who gives me advice and leads me to a great fortune. Mrs. Burt , the one who helps me for learning new things. I'm proud that Mrs. Burt supports me!

I think its time to say what school I'm from. . . . . . . . Point England, the famous school of online learning:) 

 Esspecialy thanks for letting me a have a fresh start!
Thanks to my wonderful teacher (Miss Ouano) and the man who keeps me on track (Mr. Burt) My number #1 supporter and awesome deputy principal (Mrs. Burt) All credits to you!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shopping With My Brother And My Dad

"Where do you wanna go son?" My dad asked, I was mad because he didn't ask me! "I don't know" He replied, shrugging his shoulders. My mouth transformed as a smile, hoping he would ask me, but he didn't , he chose the place himself. Such a disappointing time.

"How about Sylvia Park?" My dad questioned. "YES,YES,YES" I shouted. We found a carpark and got out of the car. As I got out the chills were stroking my hair 'such a wonderful evening' I thought to myself. We went through the entrance and Christmas songs were jingling.

We thought about going to the warehouse , because I saw some cute outfits and my brother saw cool boy stuff and my dad saw cologne! First we stopped by some red Christmas socks and it was really HUGE!

I walked along the shoe shelf and stopped by a really nice looking shoe for school! Then in a blink of an eye I forgot about it and went back to my dad. We got near the music , game, television shelf. "ooooooo, the DNA album must be here! IT HAS TO BE HERE" I said, in a wierd way. I looked through all the boxes filled with albums, but no sign:(

''What is that smell?" I asked. "gas" my brother said. "you farted!" I replied. "No, gas, car gas duh?" He said. After buying all the pieces of chocolates (the only things we bought) we hoped to come back:)

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The New Pool On The Block

Room 14 , sat on the courts for swimming! We were so eager to go in. Opening up the gate , we sat on the cold blue mat . Listening to our instructions, we were so excited to go in. After that we got to go in the pool! 

When we all got into the pool, we played, saves the babies, relays and much more. It was exclusively fun! In this part of school, I learnt that every one has to keep safe in the water. This is a great activity for saving our soul's one day. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ambassador 2012

I want to be an ambassador because of the intelligence, creativity and the responsibility I have. Learn , create , share is the path of being a great, mature ambassador.  Working hard and perserverence also striving is the key.  So far this year, I have learnt  a lot of new things on the internet! 

Link To My Toy Story: Lately I have been learning about body part movements, details and side profiles! My class and I have been collabarating about what we need, to make a awesome animation.

Link To My Narrative: Now, lets move on to something different! During the past terms we have been learning about narratives. We learnt that narratives are just like fairy-tales. For writing a very well entertaining , structured narrative , I got a very well-deserved certificate. 

Link To Blogger Award: Wow! I was certified with this special, special award from lovely Mrs. Burt, I have got this award for sharing lot's and lot's with the globe. This is part of being a great ambassador. This award meant a lot that I would never ever forget this moment!

Overall I think that it takes a lot of courage to be an ambassador. This might be a dream come true! I have been planning for this moment.  Not so long ago, my 2011 class have been talking about learn , create and share , it lead us to a great future. Fingers crossed, i'll be an ambassador:)


Netbook Reflection 2012

Having a netbook has recently been a blessing for me. I get to type up the new things I have learnt and by clicking publish , it starts a whole new technology life. Over the past months  I have been learning new things on my netbook, such as the new google drive  and more!

Pencil and paper was a huge mistake for us kids. Now, i’m trying to refuse the pen and pencil. At the beginning of time when we had stationery , it was a hard for us , wanna know why? Every moment we read to the class , we could hardly see anything with the messy black shades covering the words.

The most frustrating   things are having to connect to the wireless, which is devastating! But thats not it , I have problems with my netbook freezing randomly.

In terms of having a netbook, I have learnt about how we can share technology with the world.  People all over the globe frequently , read my blog and leave a comment and their URL in order for me to check what they have been learning.

Today, a technology life begins, and i’m proud to be apart of it! The manaiakalani cluster raised more money because of our netbooks. Learning online is a faster path of getting to university.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jumping The Line 4

 Currently, this is the last time I am doing this strategy:( While sitting on the mat we did a mini test and I got 3 right. Which was okay, because I almost go onto it. This strategy took a long time for us to get this. Jumping the number line is frequently the best! I'd like to thank Miss Ouano, for helping me get this strategy.

DNA Album!

Finally the DNA album has made it to New Zealand! Where have you been?  But that's not all their publishing books of the group , themselves .  These girls can handle having a platinum album, and I know it! Wanna know why? because I am a GIANT mixer! While watching the Four Live Show, Shannon held up the book and read part of it and then held up the one and only DNA album! I went up jumping up and down for me hoping to get it.  She said to get this prize you'll need to text four live to win! "oh, the bad thing is  don't have a phone!" But don't worry , I'm saving up! 

 Lets add the preview of the album to this blog, have a listen and it'll be a quick inspiration! Once you've had the inspiration listen to the FULL album! yes, full, now get your ears on and get blown away! barely. :) LITTLE MIIIXXX!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The New Mom

Grace's dad gave the news last night! He said that she is going to have a new mom. Grace was shocked .  "Is mom coming back?" she asked. "No grace, i'm going to re-marry a new lady and her name is Mary  Her dad replied. Questions swirled round and around her head. "oh, is she like mom? will she treat me bad?" questioned grace.

A few days later , dad came home with a special guest it was Mary. Grace quickened her pace and quickly sneaked behind the sofa. "Grace, honey come out its me Mary " she said with a smile. Grace eventually peeked out to see Mary. "Hi, my name is grace" She introduced , letting the rest of her body out. "I know, your daddy told me about you!" she replied , letting her in a hug. "He said your funny, sweet  and adorable" she said.

All though Mary made Grace do her chores and wash her hands , but every time she did it, Mary would give grace a deep hug and tickled her tummy. To find out more here is the link New Mom

Prize Giving Practice

Wow, just next week and the year 5's are ready to dance for Prize - Giving! As us, year 5's, we have been practising for weeks and days. Miss King got a group of leaders including me to invent some energetic moves. It was easy at first, but it was hard at last!

When we got to teach the others , it took a lot of work, barely! But for some, it was like a single fast unexpected snap! The year 5's have been working their hearts off . Unexpectedly today was terrible! We had to practice going on and off the stage , which was exhausting for us. 
But we'll get it in the end, like I always say!

Summer Poetry

The beach is a place for me,
Its a place where I could especially be,
The sunrise is so wonderful,
It looked so very beautiful,
My toes in between the sand,
The salty feeling in  my hand,
Such a good day,
Instead of going home I should stay.

Proud To Be In Room Fourteen

Room fourteen is the most funny, adorable class in Point England. We all love our teacher , Miss Ouano. We are a class of twenty seven and love to goof around a lot! But mostly we focus on our work. Each day we go on our net books for reading, maths, writing or other.

This class can be a little strange to other classes, but who cares we got our teacher Miss Ouano to control us. You know what? she doesn't need to , we have to control ourselves and we could turn into a mature class. 

Thanks Miss Ouano for being the best of the best:)


Lets try and add some music to this blog! Now lets get some groove on the Little Mix DNA album with wings. This song was the best that I've heard so far. The song tells you about the future. Wings turned into a music video and was premiered perfectly and hit #94 on youtube . Now have a good listen to the song.

Shell Collector

Wonderful eleven year old Rebecca had a very fun summer, she spent her holidays searching through pig pooh! And no she didn't try to be naughty. Without being told she did it herself really!

The Missing Cupcakes!

In a place called Topsy-Dopsy , the mayor Mr. Lopsy went out to visit the Main bakery in town. “Greetings Mr. Lopsy” the baker said. “Greetings, I see you have invented new cakes!”  He replied , looking around the shop. The baker showed him around the bakery, but something perspicuous came to his mind.

“Somethings missing” He said with his suspicious eyes wandering around the room. “Well, what is it? “ the baker asked. “THE CUPCAKES! WHERE ARE THEY?” He shouted. “There just over the-” the baker said. They were freaking out so much.

They looked and looked everywhere! They had no other choice but close the bakery down. “No, we can’t do that!” snapped the mayor. “Well, do you have an option?” questioned the baker. “ Yes , we’ll have to call Kimberly she can bake anything, especially fast” He said. “indeed, indeed, I’ll call her now” The baker picked up the phone.

“Hello?” answered kimberley. “Yes, the cupcakes have gone!” the baker replied. “Oh, don’t be ridiculous, there in the cupboards” She answered back. Such relief came to the mayor and the baker. “Chilly and cholly, finally”  said Mr. Lopsy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Everybody Is Perfect

If people say your not pretty or beautiful don't listen to them  , because your perfect in everyway! Beauty is how you feel on the inside and it reflects in your perfect eyes. Think of all the beauty around you and be happy. 

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
Albert Einstein

The Proud Family

Now, take my hand and I'll guide you back to the old school days. The Proud Family is a very entertaining animated show. The show is proudly produced by Willard Carroll and Ralph Farquar. The show had its own movie which was premiered on august 19th 2005 . It also marked the last part of Proud Family.

Now lets introduce the prouds! First the adorable cute twins Bebe and Cece. The Main Character Penny Proud who is the oldest child. Oscar and Trudy Proud who are the parents, Oscar and Trudy have a wierd connection as a couple, but who cares they still have a great relationship.

Lets move on to the buddies! Dijonay , she's got the full swagger going on and her favourite thing to say is HAAAAAYYYY! Lacienaga Bullavardez the meanest , smart friend of all time, her and penny have  some difficult times together. Come on lets not forget about the good one Zoey- Zoey is like a precious kind girl that has great potential.

Jumping The Number Line 3

We did it again! But now, I did three digit numbers and got it just like a snap! Actually , I expected it to be like a snap but no need to worry I got it in the end. 

A True Maths Whizzer!

Wow, through all these hard work through maths whizz , I got a very gold certificate. I really appreciate all the work i'd done for the past months. In terms of Miss Ouano's rules in maths whizz, it'll lead you to a great certificate! Well done me! This is a very special award through out all the maths whizz life.   

Monday, December 3, 2012

Move Over Addition!

Yay! I finnaly got up to subtraction. Well done me! After all these hard working skills on Xtra math , I've scored a level up.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Time To Share With You!

Now sit back, relax and get your glasses on because I'm telling you about my world. Yes, I have my own world but that's not it I have my people too! Keep on reading and you'll see how my world goes and plays. In my world there can be some strange awkward things but, no need to worrie you'll get use to it!

Now in my world there's a country called Topsy- Dopsy in that place there are special cookers like Miss Ouano. The mayor of Topsy- Dopsy who is Mr. Lopsy is a very kind man every night, he'll give you a big suprise! But thats  not all, he even gives out Topsy Jops to every special person LIKE YOU.

Lets move on! Oh, lets go to Wonder- Gunther. Wonder- Gunther is a place of people who have glowing red eyes and large fingers. The Prime- Minister is not very nice , she uses her big red fingers to slap people out of the country if their going against the law!

To be continued!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa is waiting!

Someone is waiting for you at his cottage waiting for a list from YOU! Yes, you. Christmas is coming and Santa is peering out his window waiting for your lovely list to come. If you have been a good child the reindeer's will come to your chimney with Santa and get you the right present.

But if you have been bad reindeer's won't come and someone will give you the wrong present. So fingers crossed you've been a good person! Santa loves his job, he likes to share presents with everybody. Kids love Santa because of his kindness and goodness. Now, I know what I'm gonna out on my list what about you? 

More Close:)

What a catastrophe , I'm going over seas soon and my weeks have been an total impact! Mostly I have been at family meetings, and barbeque's also I have been shopping a little. Today my parents and I went to buy some suitcases for me to take. We looked and looked and looked, until 'BOOYAH' I found it , it was a pink polka dot one.

After paying for it , I fiddled with the lock while I was in the car. When we got home I had to check my sisters suitcase to unlock it with the same key.

I can't wait to go!

Baking Yummy Donuts With Miss Ouano!

On a bright calm day, my friends and I were filming our special little mix movie. Moments past , I smelt some thing yummy . it smelt like pancake mix. I peered through the door to see what was going on. "Oh! no!" I shouted "their making it already!" The girls eventually  looked out the door and their eyes grew wide.

Luckily Miss Ouano got to do it with another group, so we joined in! The first thing we had to do was spill the pancake mix into the donut maker. Some over-spilt and some over-floated but surprisingly my one was perfect. When Miss Ouano opened up the Donut maker the steam smelt so yummy.

During my time staring at the donuts, Miss Ouano came out with a bowl of blue icing and containers of sprinkles!  "Such a yummy suprise" I said to myself.  We had to put the icing on top of the donut and add some yummy sprinkles. After a few moments I was generally full from all the treats I had. I tried to eat one more but I was too full and it was so yummy!

What delight! Thank you Miss Ouano!