Friday, December 7, 2012

Ambassador 2012

I want to be an ambassador because of the intelligence, creativity and the responsibility I have. Learn , create , share is the path of being a great, mature ambassador.  Working hard and perserverence also striving is the key.  So far this year, I have learnt  a lot of new things on the internet! 

Link To My Toy Story: Lately I have been learning about body part movements, details and side profiles! My class and I have been collabarating about what we need, to make a awesome animation.

Link To My Narrative: Now, lets move on to something different! During the past terms we have been learning about narratives. We learnt that narratives are just like fairy-tales. For writing a very well entertaining , structured narrative , I got a very well-deserved certificate. 

Link To Blogger Award: Wow! I was certified with this special, special award from lovely Mrs. Burt, I have got this award for sharing lot's and lot's with the globe. This is part of being a great ambassador. This award meant a lot that I would never ever forget this moment!

Overall I think that it takes a lot of courage to be an ambassador. This might be a dream come true! I have been planning for this moment.  Not so long ago, my 2011 class have been talking about learn , create and share , it lead us to a great future. Fingers crossed, i'll be an ambassador:)


1 comment:

  1. OK Josephine, this is totally outstanding.
    This has got to be the BEST Ambassador application I have EVER seen. ...So, my Friend, you have my support.
    Mrs Burt is the final Judge, but I can tell you, you have persuaded me!

    Well done Girl!
    This is totally how you get jobs in the real world.
    Rock on