Monday, December 10, 2012

What School Am I From?

I'm proud to be from a school, with good, adorable teachers. As, I am also glad of having a good , intelligent class. Coming to this school, was very speechless, all I could say was 'AMAZING!' Meeting the new entrance class, was utterly wonderful. 

I LOVE being in this school! No matter , if I get in detention or any of that, i'll still love it. The staff , including the teachers lead the students to a great future. This year I have learnt a lot of morals and lots all from one person! Mr. Burt.  He is the one , who keeps me on track and ready for my future. 

'aaw' lets not forget about my teacher Miss Ouano, she's the one who gives me advice and leads me to a great fortune. Mrs. Burt , the one who helps me for learning new things. I'm proud that Mrs. Burt supports me!

I think its time to say what school I'm from. . . . . . . . Point England, the famous school of online learning:) 

 Esspecialy thanks for letting me a have a fresh start!
Thanks to my wonderful teacher (Miss Ouano) and the man who keeps me on track (Mr. Burt) My number #1 supporter and awesome deputy principal (Mrs. Burt) All credits to you!


  1. Hi Josephine!

    This is a heart warming post. You are going to have a wonderful and fruitful future ahead of you, I can see it already!

    Miss Ouano :)

    1. Thanks Miss Ouano:) For the great weeks and terms we've had! :)