Friday, August 22, 2014

Explantion writing

Explanation Writing: Josephine

Growing up healthy and safely is one of the biggest priorities to humanity. It is important to stay safe and healthy because it can keep you out of danger and sickness. When you are being unhealthy or unsafe not only can it affect you, but it can affect others.  

Drugs can be one of the things that can lead to an unhygienic mind and body.  Drugs is not a type of food or drink, it can cause danger when entered into the body.  It can affect the way your body works and the way your mind works too.

There are all types of drugs such as Marijuana , Cocaine and even party pills. Drugs can be very dangerous when entered in to the body at a young age because the brain has not fully developed yet. These things can lead to an obsession, and when people get addicted to it the drugs cause danger more and more.

Spirits, wine and beer is one of the things that can also make you unhealthy and unsafe. Taking more than one drink in an hour can cause bad things to happen in your blood! Drinking more than a high standard in an hour at a young age is very bad because it can affect the brain works or even worse.

Taking care of yourself and having a good hygiene is very good for you and your surroundings. If you do not take care of yourself, it can lead to danger and illness.  Drinking and taking drugs is one of the examples that are very unvaluable. Because it can change your emotions and even the many things in your body, such as the neuro transmitters. So i’d recommend that you should always keep yourself neat and out of danger!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Astria Countdown To Impact

Today was the last day playing Astria Countdown To Impact for group A. My partner and I completed speaking to the council and giving them our evidence that we had gathered from the past few days. The key areas we managed to complete today was in the council room, we managed to talk to them more and give them our credible evidence! Tomorrow I will try to remember to use my eyes to look around the room and find more clues to give to the council. One of the hardest things of today's session was trying to understand what the council leader was saying!  Hopefully tomorrow we will get to finish off the game in our own time and save the planet of course!! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Astria Countdown To Impact

This afternoon, Ashley and I didn't really get enough time to do the game today! But I was able to find some clues around the room. I was really shocked at how many days we had left (35)! So I quickly went around the room searching for answers. Ashley was helping me too!  

Today we were able to find a clue that had a definition. Ashley and I have a goal to work together more often, and spend more time on it! I'm sure tomorrow that we will try harder and defeat our goal! The most easiest part of today, was interacting with the characters to find some clues. It really helped! What my partner Ashley and I need to improve on is using our eyes together and trying together! Thats what can help us finish it off properly!

Point England Rugby League Game

Today, Point England's yr 7 & 8 girls were fortunate enough to have a friendly game against Stanhope at our school. It was one of the greatest games I have ever played in league and actually my first too! For today's game I played centre and winger which are positions I haven't really played before but am very use to. Running through the slippery mud was one of the hardest things today. 

The weather today was really complicated, there was falls of rain that kept on stopping then going. It was really annoying! One of the most interesting part about today is when one of our girls scored lots of tries on her own! and that was totally amazing. While playing rugby I accidentally didn't know what I was doing and then high tackled a girl that was shorter than me. 

Today, I am really happy with the outcome of today! I had lots of times, sometimes hard time but still made it through to get a good result. I do hope that many more games like this are to come. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Watching Star Wars: Guardians Of The Galaxy

On a warm Saturday, my family and I went to the Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinema to watch a movie called " Star wars: Guardians Of The Galaxy " This movies is one of the greatest movie I have ever put my eyes on. This movie shows a lot of true power of friendship to me.  Guardians Of The Galaxy is a movie based on a group of guardians who are friends trying to defeat an enemie named Ronan who made a plot to destroy their city! Ronan was one of my least favourite character!

My favourite character is Gamora who was adopted with her sister to a very evil man who was part of Ronans plot, actually the leader of it! Gamora had a plan to escape from him, but her sister refused. Gamora had decided to portray Ronan and be a good person! That is how she got to be a guardian. One of the funniest parts is when the star-lord started listening to 80's music and killing insects at the same time. Did you know Batista is featuring in it too? Also Vin Diesel as groot?

Overall I recommend everyone to watch this movie, this movie can really teach you a good motto! This movie can sure get you hooked in to every single part from start to finish. Hopefully, fingers crossed, they'll be a part two! Have a good night!
 ( Photo from Link here  , drawing not actual movie image! Photo credits to owner ( RA) . 

Life Education Caravan

This morning, Class 2 got to learn something really eye-opening at the Life Education Caravan! As I sat down inside the warm caravan I looked around the walls only to see photo's of types of alcohol.

It came to my mind that we were learning about spirits and beer. Over the past few weeks we have been learning about drugs and the affect of it. Today was our last session so Lynn decided that we should learn about alcohol.

This morning I learnt that alcohol is one of the severe things that could enter your body, if you drink more than one. Drinking at a young age, can be very dangerous because your body hasn't fully developed.

Lynn says that if you drink too much in an hour you can start to feel angry or very emotional. You can even become unconsciousness. Today we watched a short film about other peoples side of drinking. It was really inspirational!

From what I have learnt in the life caravan, I learnt that taking drugs or drinking at a young age can put  you at risk. Lynn has taught us a lot of valuable things in the past few weeks. I really hope that I can keep these lessons with me while I grow up.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Astria Countdown To Impact

This morning, our extension class was given the experiment to try out a new game called Astria Countdown To Impact! A group of people from the wolf and co, who were based in the university of Auckland gave us tests to complete before we try out the game. Did you know that the extension class 2014 is the first in New Zealand to try out their new game?

In order to play this game, we were told to pair up in partners for this task. I paired up with Ashlee who was basically sitting next to me the whole time!  The most difficult part of today's session was figuring out the code with Ashlee on the game, it took us a long time to find out the code. The most easy part of the game was finding clues because all the clues were lying around the lab. 

Today as we played the game, my partner and I managed to unlock the code and find the clues. To be honest, my partner and I do not feel like we are on the right track because we sometimes get confused during the game. 

Tommorow I will try to remember to stay focused and work with my partner more, sharing ideas and co-operating! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lest We Forget

August 4th, 1914 marked the day of the first world war 1 centenary. This morning at Assembly, Mr Burt told us a story about ‘ The shot that echoed around the world ‘ . It was about a Archduke, who got shot. The archduke was very well supported, and ever since that shot fired,  countries like the Russian or british empire have been in war with other nations such as germany.

Mr Burt said during assembly that his grandfather fighted in the world war 1 as well as Ms. Flavelles. Mr Burt and Ms Flavelle are very lucky that their grandfathers came back safely. Today was very special because our school raised our flag in remembrance of those who were in the war.

Overall from what I have learnt this morning,  I learnt that lots of those soldiers worked really hard and put a lot of effort into themselves. Lest we forget means that we should show gratitude towards our past soldiers and not forget about how they sacrificed the things for us New Zealanders!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth Singapore

Singapore Commonwealth Games.

Singapore is located in Southeast asia. Did you know that Singapore’s population is 4.7 million? That's a lot! In Singapore they speak English, Malay, Tamil and standard mandarin. In the Singapore flag, the red stands for brotherhood and equality of man. In the corner there is a moon with stars that symbolises young nation on the rise!

The most known sport in Singapore is football, supercar motorsports, cricket, rugby union and more. As you all might know, singapore is competing in the commonwealth games this year in Glasgow scotland. Singapore has just won the bronze medal in mixed badminton!  

The flag bearers for singapore were Jonathan Chan who is a diver in the commonwealth games. Singapore has taken part in ever commonwealth game since their first appearance in 1950 with delhi in 2010! I would really like to send good luck to the singapore team who is competing other countries. All the best singapore!