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Samoan Independence Day

Since Samoan Independence Day is on its way in honor of this special day our Samoan class was given an assessment to write a Newspaper article about Samoan Independence day. To make this article newspaper realistic I added a few advertisements and small games.
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Samoan  Independence Day
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              SAMOA MO SAMOA     
(Samoans For Samoa)   

Samoan independence day celebrates the day Samoa became an independent state. Samoa has become an independent state for almost 54 years. Even though Samoa became independent on the 1st of January, Independence day is modernly celebrated on the 1st of June. Where families come together, spend time with each other,  share food, and celebrate the independence of Samoa. This special day is also recognised by the samoan society in New Zealand and many other countries with the samoan community.

Continue to read as we have written interesting stories behind the samoan independence day and cover up how Samoa became an independent state.

Pg 1 - Influenza (Spanish Flu
Pg 2-The Mau Movement

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Pg 4- Samoan Independence Events

Samoa, arise and raise your banner that is your crown!

Oh! see and behold the stars on the waving banner!

They are a sign that Samoa is able to lead.

Oh! Samoa, hold fast

Your freedom for ever!

Do not be afraid; as you are founded on God;

Our treasured precious liberty.

Samoa, arise and wave

Your banner that is your crown!

(Samoan National Anthem Translation)
Image result for teuila festival 2015Image result for Samoa 1914In 1914 New Zealand took control of  Western Samoa. But it wasn’t pretty. The people of Western Samoa were treated badly. As they would act very childish towards Samoa. And when I say  New Zealand took manage, I mean they really took manage! They controlled who married who, even the power of the traditions in Samoa such as the power of the Matai. Following that in 1918 an ugly deadly virus/disease also known as the spanish flu was spreaded in New Zealand, which then came to Samoa, killing thousands and thousands of the people in Samoa as well as the Western Samoa Population.

The Nz Colonial Masters did not care about it at all. It was forbidden that the people of Samoa receive treatment. And from that, many of the people died and were all buried in one grave.

Samoa was very sick of this non-sense and that’s when the Mau A Pule ( Mau Movement ) formed.

Mau movement in Samoan means opinion, unwavering or to be decided etc. The mau movement is a group of Samoans fighting for the the freedom and independence of samoa. Following their motto, Samoa for Samoans ( Samoa mo Samoa) as Samoa was then owned by New Zealand. The Mau Movement established in the early 1900s in Samoa, in the land of Sava’ii separate from Upolu. The Mau Movement included both Women and Men including their Leader Tupua Tamasese.

Black Saturday
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The Mau Movement reached a climax on the 28th of December 1929 in the capital town of Apia. The streets of Apia were bombarded with bullet shots as the mau were trying to prevent the arrest of one of their member which the Nz Police arrested. This day became known as Black Saturday. During the war between Nz Police and Samoa, Tupua Tamasese Lealofi iii rushed in front of the violent crowd and urged both sides to make peace otherwise in Samoan language, Tamasese shouted “Filemu”.

Tupua Tamasese
Image result for Tupua TamaseseTupua Tamasese was born on May 1901 and was also known as joint head of state along with Malietoa Tanumafili ii. On the death of Tupua Tamasese some of Mau Movement Memeber were injured or shot trying to help him. As Tamasese layed down slowly dying, he said his last wish for Samoa.

“My blood has been split for Samoa. I am proud to give it, Do not dream of avenging it, as it was split in peace. If I die peace must maintained at any price”

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After all the efforts by the Mau Movement to gain independence the Nz Western Samoa act 1961 of 24 November finally gave independence to Samoa on the 1st of January 1962. Which followed along Samoa signing a kind relationship treaty with New Zealand. From that, Samoa is one of the first Small Pacific Islands to receive Independence. And that’s when Tupua Tamasese’s plead was fulfilled.

Even though Samoa and Nz have an outrageous past. It is still very good to learn about as many of us young children need to know our roots and know what they did to protect all of us”

“Samoan independence day is still celebrated in most countries around the world with the Samoan community as we celebrate the independence of our country which was founded on god”

June 3rd:  schools celebrate.
29th of may - 4th of  June: Samoan Language week
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Many more to look forward to
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  • Article of Tupua Tamasese’s Life
  • Article of Schools In Samoa

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Samoa - Research About Samoa

As most of you might have not noticed I now attend Auckland Girls' Grammar which does have some similarities to Point England School. This term I was able to learn some new subjects Science, Art, Samoan and more exciting ones too. In our Samoan class we were given a task to present a powerpoint, or something handmade to the class which gives a definition of Samoa. Here is the presentation that I presented on Friday.