Friday, September 20, 2013

Old School Favourites

There's nothing more fun than sharing some good oldie times! Am I right? Back in the 80's and 90's I predict that most people loved listening to pop. In the 2000's most people love listening to Soul and RnB.

My favourite candy was Wonka's rope  and Kinders Bueno , and guess what? I ate Wonka's rope today!! 'Twas the best. The old school favourite music of mine was Destinies Child, I was really into them , my favourite single was ' Lose My Breath' . My favourite show was Proud Family, guess who sang the theme song? Destinies Childs. The Old School fashion favourite of mine was Dungaree's they were just so adorable kinda similar to onesie's I guess?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ariana Grande - Yours Truly

Ariana Grande had just previously sold her new album , Yours Truly on September the 3rd.  The Album features 13 tracks. Including , The Way , Baby I , Tattooed Heart and more. Her Album " Yours Truly " Just hit no.1 in the billboard 200. Congrats! My favorite song from the Album is Lovin It because , I like how it's kind of old school, I guess? Her album is out now on Itunes or at your store, be free to buy it .

Thursday, September 12, 2013


 We have been focusing on writing couplets with Ms. Garden! Here is a rap we have wrote.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Writing Couplets

We have learnt how to write raps. We learnt about couplets too, a couplet is a word that rhymes at the end of the sentences. 

Fathers day is mainly for dad
So I hope I will soon make him glad!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Getting to know me :)

Hi, my name is Josephine and I am from room 16. I come from a family of five , there's my brother , my sister, mum and dad and of course me. I mostly like to play netball and touch at school. My hobbies are playing sports, art and using my net book. What I usually do in my spare time is cooking. My favourite food is Sweet Chilli Chicken and a bit of Nando's. What I am really interested in is listening to music. My favourite place would have to be the mall. I like going there with my family and friends.  My inspiration is Ariana Grande- Butera and Justin Timberlake, because they both have a story which really inspires me.

My favourite movie is the Mortal Instruments , I haven't seen it yet but I am looking forward to watching it. My favourite actress would have to be Sandra Bullock who previously starred on the film The Blind Side. My pet peeves are when people chew with their mouth open and when they don't wipe their nose.

The type of style that I'm into , is anything that's floral and hippy and sheek also studs, I like lace clothing and peplum clothing too. I'm not really into tight clothes. My most embarrassing moment would have to be , when a sticker was in my hair and everybody was laughing at assembly. The most happiest feeling that happened to me was when I became an Ambassador for my school, because I finally got the chance to represent my school in different places.