Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Today was a lucky day for Point England school, It was the holidays! Room 14 had joined the sun and joined the rain for some holiday fun. It actually seems like nobody wants leave school at all. 

It was hard work today, Lesieli and I had to un-plug some flat screen and transport it to the music room. It was so hard that we had sweat on our heads and our arms were starting to get a cramp. We cleaned up the classroom and got everything sorted and done. 

At the end of lunch we had fruit and Lamington  cake with chocolate cake.  It was so Delicious and yummy.  I felt so hyper after eating 6 pairs of M&M and chocolate icing with chocolate cake.  Miss Ouano had some great cooking there!


Beach Day!

Kaitlyn was  so excited, wanna know why? Because today is her birthday and shes going to her favorite place the Point England Reserve her mom says she gets to have cake and treats at the beach party. Kaitlyn invited her friends and their mom.                      

Kaitlyn and her family were all packed up and ready to hit the road. “ Happy birthday twelve year old kaitlyn HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  her little brother sang, non-stop. “ Thanks little bro”, She commented back.  This time it was more fun , they  got to go in an .R.V. . Kaitlyn Picked up Tiara , Summer, Cameron and lastly Geo. “ Roll up the street, Its time for a special treat” they sang along the trip.

“ We made it, to the Point England Beach” said Kaitlyn with excitement. “ Here is a box of chocolates and old stuff we use to play with” said Geo. Kaitlyn was amazingly shocked and thankful.  

“SAND CASTLE SAND CASTLE PARADE!” said Kaitlyns little brother as he pulled her hand up and down. Kaitlyns friends  and her went to have a go.  “Winner will not only get a sand prize pack but a ticket to wonderland”  Kaitlyn struck with excitement “ We could do this , I know we can” said kaitlyn clutching her fist.

“Ready, set, go” Shouted the man waving his red flag. Kaitlyn and tiara got the spades and buckets and started digging up some sand. Tiara knew that they were on the right track . Suddenly a blaze of wind came around and then the castle came tumbling down. “Oh no” Kaitlyn cried. “Everything is ruined , how am I ever gonna make it!”  Mom came running down “ It’s okay I can help you with that” Stated mom.

Mom got her extra big bucket and they started digging and digging. It took a long time to get everything sorted. “Phew” said Geo wiping the sweat off his head. “ We did it , thanks guys it would not help without you guys”.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dan's Days Last day!

Dan thought last night turned out so crazy! Cass got to speak to Dan and guess what? he got to perform at her  birthday party , Stravos  said that they should perform their gig at his gym club. This time Dan had to be careful with his fly now! Mum was checking the employment section of the paper. Dan thought things were going to get pretty tight around! 

Dan and his family decided to talk about saving the house money for moms job! It was too preciouse for dan just like a shiny sharp diamond!

Bits and Parts!

 I have been learning about how to split fractions and finding out from them meaning how I got the answer. I only have learnt about this for ONE DAY! Because its simple and easy. Get your learning pants on and learn about FRACTIONS!

My dream holiday!

 I would like to share my dream holiday with the world... with a help Of MIss muliaumaseali'i I have been inspired by her dream holiday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Changing Mixed Numbers Into improper fractions!

 I am learning to change Mixed Numbers into Improper fractions. I have been learning this for over the past days. Improper means that the numerator is the big number and as the denominator is the small Number. I have had fun learning this and I hope you will too!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mixed number and improper fractions!

Here is a photo of what I have been learning about the past few days!

Josephine Day's Monday!

It seemed like any other normal Monday, I was running late to school also I had P.E.P.A practice everything was all in a mixed slacked clock. The Traffic was steady as usual and the wind was as foggy as a  smoke appearing just right out of a sizzling pan of sausages.  I held up my hands against my  face and could only see the palm of my hands. Luckily I had the traffic to keep me safe from the dark wind. Trees were actually moving and leaves were falling off! "CHECK'' said the people managing the traffic. " Oh no I got to hurry" I shouted in my head. My feet ran off to the lights! I finally caught track. Walking down the entrance path, " RIIIINNNNGGGG" I heard the bell. " Oh no I gotta hurry" I quickly ran to class! Everybody stared at me, while I was coming through the door!

To be continued.......

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

About Adorable Whales

Most whales are known to measure over 20 meters and grow over 30 metres. It seems so interesting that a whale is no longer a fish, its mother’s milk feeds its milk to the baby calf. The largest animal in the happens to live under the green sea.  Here’s a fact about whales, did you know that  A  humpback whale has a tail longer than any other whale in the sea, it also has a diet and one of them are krill fish and small fish. The whale weighs as 250 tongues which is heavy like a big barge.

Dan's Days 11/2 saturday

Dan had some trouble with sleeping last night, mainly because mum had said that she was not going to make it because she was feeling so poorly, partly this morning Dan was getting the feeling of being nervous , it was the day he was actually waiting for the GRADUATION SOCIAL.  It was actually a big deal for  Dan's mom to come because there are so many things Mum had done to him. At the very begging of the performance everything was so bad and then the middle of the performance it was okay, then the volume of words and chords and sound went to another level to AWESOME! Mum had finally come  .. " I'd like to dedicate this song to my mom, during performing mom gave him a kiss.!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Netbook Experience

Ever since I have been learning the skill of technology , I felt extremely confident and focused. Not so long ago, I learnt a new made up word Miss King made called Nearning meaning in the combination of netbook learning. I know it doesn't seem so smart ,but for us kids we make new creative combinations in our brain.

Our connection to the world is our blogs , sites also google drive. So far there has been SO MUCH FUN. My teacher Miss Ouano has been a great example of how to show great things to the world, which has been absolutely fantastic. Its great to be a real learner because when you find a job when you grow up, you might get the authority of great leadership and skill also position. 

It's been a great opportunity of learning with technology, I am very lucky to have a school that has great skill, talent, and expert . 

Dan's Days Friday

Dan thought it would be nice if they took a walk to school from now on, while mom was still in bed. Dan's big sister convinced to his little sister that walking to school is an adventure. The kids thought it would be awesome to walk to school as a family. His big sister thought it would just be fun to get out of the house, from all that arguing.

The other night Dan suggested that his parents look serious that night.  His teacher was being extra friendly to Dan at school , she heard the bad news. This time Dan did not want anyone to feel sorry for him. He just wanted  to fit in and make everything go back to normal. Dan had no idea that his sister was interested in the graduation social, lucky for him his sister lended him her best T- shirt. "Its great to have a rockstar brother just like Dan " his sister said. His little sister got to talk to people that had not talked to her before, without Dan's graduation social gig this would not happen.

Everything  that day was all in a big trash of heart breakers, Dan had bad bad rehearsal's, he got the words wrong also the chords were wrong and he only had one day left..... But everything was not great that night . "by the way Dan I cant make it to your Graduation social" said his mom.  Dan's heart sunk into a pile of sadness and his tears were ready and steady to come out. What would happen next?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Special Assembly

Mostly we give our farewells to Mrs. Verry , she has been a great person and supporter also a SUPERGRAN to Point England school and her children. She has been so supportive and great at our school.

Today I got to perform at Assembly for Mrs. Verry and the rest of the school. We have been working so hard and so far we have only had two practices. It was so much INCREDIBLE.  Mrs. Tuala says we represent Samoans in our school if we do very well.  While performing I smiled and smiled till beginning to end , to see how much love we give and get from Mrs. Verry.   


Fraction Writing

This Term , my class has been learning how to cut the same fraction in different ways , using play dough.

We can show this by cutting the play dough into equal parts but in different ways. For example we can cut halves Diagonally , down and from sides. This activity can also help me with my fractions.

We are learning this because it helps us with our division. It helps us learn more about fractions and division. And we also get to know our fractions.

I might have to say that fractions must be my favorite strategy that I have learnt so far this year. My favorite learning intention/rule is we are learning to cut the same fraction in different ways.

As I smashed the play dough in between my palms , it felt so squishy like mud on a rugby field. Rolling the play dough on top of my fingers felt so smooth , just like a marshmallow marshes.

I am learning to cut fractions in different ways.

 I have learnt how to cut fractions in different  ways with My special teacher Miss Ouano.... So far I have learnt lots from her in fractions.

Dan's Days Thursday

 My faviroute character  is Stravos because he seems so friendly and nice . My opinion is about him is that he's a great character.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dan's Days Wednesday 11 and a half

Dan is now eleven and he uses his pet for cleaning up mess that he makes. His opinion about his sisters boyfriend is DISGUSTING!  Dan's sister was acting mean by throwing milk at Dan, I suggest that his sister is not that nice. Dan's house sounded so loud because of he was practising his instruments. My feeling about this chapter is a little drama.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Equestrian Event!

Here is a movie I have worked on over the past days. It is not that great. But I know I should have Tried better. HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Today was a special morning for Point England school, we had some special visitors. These people are men who write and illustrate the book of  Children's book Ka pai. He's told us lots of Journeys, Comedy and Morals which is awesome because we finally get to know him well.  My faviroute  part of Tommy Wilson talking was when he told us a true story about how Susan and her friends met princess Diana. " I went to find Susan and I found out she was a banker so I interviewed her and she told me all about it" Said Tommy , My mouth dropped while knowing she was still alive.  

I am very interested in every word he said. He shows that anyone can have a smile.  My faviroute Motto was " If you make 10 people smile a day your sure be happy" When he  said that it felt like he made 600 and more people at Point England smile... that was the best assembly. Check that smile out.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tuesday Dan's Day's Aged 11

Dan told the teacher that he needed some practice. “You and your band could have some time at school” said the teacher. Stravos and Dan went to go visit Sean because of his cool drum kit and his new computer. Sean searched up his dads name and the links were full of real estate developments. Sean’s dad belonged to lots of organisations.Then Sean searched up Dan’s dads name and there was nothing on the net about Dan’s dad. Someone with the same name had written  a book called Feng shui in the tool shed . That would not be Dan’s dad he would not let in anyone in his tool shed . Gramps died the same year chops died and granny a bit upset because of Dan not playing soccer , she loved it because she loved playing the goalie.

Dan's Day's Aged 11

Monday :

Dan woke up from a monday morning and is thinking he needs a new bed. Dan  has had his bed since he was a little kid, It had gone soft like last weeks banana’s. Dan thought it was old when he got it, the bed belonged to his sister. His sister grown out of it and it became his. His sister gets a new bed while he gets a hand-me-down. He’s been so relieved that he does not have to begin wearing his sisters clothes from the Hand-Me-Down. They decided giving it down to give it to Dan’s little sister. He thinks his big sis has cool tees though. 

Dan asked mom for a new bed at breakfast time, he waited until he was alone with mum in the kitchen . He has learned not to ask for things when his two sisters are around because whenever he wants something it gets lost in a frenzy meaning they always make a fuss and go crazy. BUt Mums answer was not a no , “lets talk about it later ” Mom said. Dan and his band are going to perform at the school graduation.

Ordering Fractions

 One of the rules are the smaller the   number looks the bigger the piece gets. As you can see I've ordered the fractions up to one fith. In each pizza I have a description to help you about the equal parts.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Paralympic Games

Well done to the New Zealand Paralympic team for a great effort in the paralympic games 2012. Our score for the Summer games is eleven medals and so far we are coming fourteenth . We are very proud to support our country in the paralympic 2012 games.  

Laura Thompson and Philippa  Gray won New Zealand first track cycling in the womens individual B pursuit. The two girls worked so hard that they got a bronze and gold. They still got a chance to stand up tall on the podium. Thompson and Gray celebrate their medals. The disabilities with those two girls is vision impaired meaning everything they see may be a tiny bit blurry.

Cameron Leslie has represented our country. He came first place and got to stand up on the swimmings gold, bronze and silver podium. His disability is missing limbs.  “Theres no secret behind it, its all hard work” Northland Leslie says. He has beaten his own 150m world record.WELL DONE !

I would like to thank all of the New Zealand Paralympic Athletes for representing our country.