Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Paralympic Games

Well done to the New Zealand Paralympic team for a great effort in the paralympic games 2012. Our score for the Summer games is eleven medals and so far we are coming fourteenth . We are very proud to support our country in the paralympic 2012 games.  

Laura Thompson and Philippa  Gray won New Zealand first track cycling in the womens individual B pursuit. The two girls worked so hard that they got a bronze and gold. They still got a chance to stand up tall on the podium. Thompson and Gray celebrate their medals. The disabilities with those two girls is vision impaired meaning everything they see may be a tiny bit blurry.

Cameron Leslie has represented our country. He came first place and got to stand up on the swimmings gold, bronze and silver podium. His disability is missing limbs.  “Theres no secret behind it, its all hard work” Northland Leslie says. He has beaten his own 150m world record.WELL DONE !

I would like to thank all of the New Zealand Paralympic Athletes for representing our country.

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  1. Hey josephine ,

    I am very proud of you. I love your blogpost and also you photo it looks amazing ... And I also like to congratulate the New Zealand team for putting a great effort into there work on the track.