Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dan's Day's Aged 11

Monday :

Dan woke up from a monday morning and is thinking he needs a new bed. Dan  has had his bed since he was a little kid, It had gone soft like last weeks banana’s. Dan thought it was old when he got it, the bed belonged to his sister. His sister grown out of it and it became his. His sister gets a new bed while he gets a hand-me-down. He’s been so relieved that he does not have to begin wearing his sisters clothes from the Hand-Me-Down. They decided giving it down to give it to Dan’s little sister. He thinks his big sis has cool tees though. 

Dan asked mom for a new bed at breakfast time, he waited until he was alone with mum in the kitchen . He has learned not to ask for things when his two sisters are around because whenever he wants something it gets lost in a frenzy meaning they always make a fuss and go crazy. BUt Mums answer was not a no , “lets talk about it later ” Mom said. Dan and his band are going to perform at the school graduation.

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