Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy Theatre!

Rose, Bingo and Duffy! The three main characters of  the duffy show. Rose, who was a crazy, wild and smart girl. Bingo, who played rugby and was a good tackler and Duffy who loved to think and especially read.  Duffy told Rose that he has an uncle thats coming to visit. Bingo . Rose couldn’t do anything to be quiet. She was star struck. Bingo entered the room talking on the phone. “ Hello , im your nephew “ introduced Duffy . “ And i’m Rose “ Interrupted Rose.

Rose had a special present for Bingo , it was a book. It had silver wrapping around it. Duffy had tried to get Bingo into books. But he just wasn’t . Sooner or later , Duffy grabbed a gold book with big blue writing on it. Titled : the best book. He tried mixing different sounds into the book . This was going to be great for Bingo!  Duffy and rose mixed and mixed different sounds such as Pirates, colours and animals. At that moment I told my friends how weird it was making sounds never heard before.  Bingo came out of the bathroom. “ Hey Bingo! Hey Bingo! “ they shouted as he made his way walking to them. “ Bingo , we made a special book for you with different sounds and all these people thought of it , I think you’ll love it “  Duffy said. My legs started to get sore so I sat down on my knees to still get a better view of the show!

Bingo wasn’t really interested in opening the book, however unexpectedly Bingo , Rose and Duffy opened the book only to find a bunch of web caught all over them.  They asked us if we could repeat the sounds we made during making the book . All though, I didn’t  really remember the sounds  nor did the people sitting next to me.  Finally, they got out of the web trap. Bingo started to feel really hot , while rose was really mad so she was about  to hit her present on  Bingo . Bingo looked at it . “ What is this? “ he thought. He used it as a fan. “ Bye see you guys later. “

So there Bingo was , waiting  for the flight to be over . He was flying to Sydney for the big grand final.  “ Passengers, please turn off all electronic devices. “ announced the captain.  The flight attendant, came pass Bingo and his 3 electronic devices. “ Sir you’ll need to turn everything off” “But it’s going to be sooooo boring “ “ Do you want to die ?” At that, Bingo turned it off. “ What am I supposed to do? “ “ read a book “ Bingo thought about it . He looked at Roses present . He opened it only to find a book about ballerinas. Through his flight , he pondered the book and read the book.

“ Hello and welcome to the rugby grand final “ Duffy and Rose sat down and watched the game.  “ Look its Bingo! “ Rose shouted. I looked at my friends reactions , Leila was interested and it looked like Sela was interested too!  As I looked at bingo I could see he was doing some ballerina moves. He won the game!  “ Perhaps ? he did read my book! “ shouted Rose. “ He did! “ they cheered and cheered. “ Well that’s it for today , Bingo any last words? “  “ Thanks to my coach and especially Duffy and Rose you guys are the best , keep reading! “ he said . Rose and Duffy started to sing a song!  It was a really awkward song .in my opinion.

Overall the show was amazing and fun to see. It was great to see different morals in the theatre! Sometimes it gets boring but still , it’s good for you! The best part is to enjoy it!


  1. Blake s Auroa school Taranaki
    wow nice story its great

  2. Wow great story i really enjoyed it you must be a very high writer in your class well done. What was your duffy theater like?.
    Tahana, Room1, Auroa school, Taranaki, New Zealand

    1. Trust me, some day you will see it! It's really amazing! You'll learn lots of new stuff!

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