Thursday, February 20, 2014

What is a netbook and how is it used?

Netbooks are a learning tool that students in the Maniakalani Cluster use. Everyday we either get our netbooks from the netbook cupboard and  Mrs Tele'as  office ( if we have any issues or if we are picking up a loan book ) . Everyday we use our netbook to access our learning online. We use different sites to do our learning, such as Maths Whizz, Google Drive, Blogger and more. Some of the teachers and the parents recommended that a netbook should be used for Year 4- 8 . We often use this device at home. 

What does a netbook look like? A  netbook is a electronic device that is portable. Its a laptop , except its small. A netbook features a camera that is on top of the screen , a built in speaker and it comes in with a charger cable. And of course it has 82 keys which are the 'crucial ' part of the netbook. Why? Of course , its for typing up all your thinkning. Black is the colour of my netbook . If you look at the back of a netbook , it has the name " Asus" engraved at the back which is the Brand of the netbook.

How does the netbook work? Well, on our netbooks we are able to go on different sites like, google , emails and maths whizz.  If our internet isnt working we use Gedit to write our stories. Gedit is a notepad for our netbook. So when our internet starts working we are able to copy our writing from gedit and paste it on our google document. On mathz whizz , we are able to do different tasks that are related to maths only. On maths whizz, we can decorate our room and we also earn credits , if we past a test. What is an email? On our netbook, the teachers have set up a google email , so we can keep in contact with teachers or any other students. 

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