Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Empathy . What could that possibly mean? Empathy , it seems to be a very strong word to me. Empathy means being a good friend, trying hard to understand another persons feeling and emotions. Recognizing what they've either been through.  It is similar to our moral , that we learnt " Put Yourself In Their Shoes " .  If somebody is alone , at school , church or at home try your best to make them feel comfortable treat them the way you would like to be treated!

How does empathy work? Well, empathy works by ' not ' staring at somebody who is alone. Empathy works by putting your kind words in action. Help them find new friends , introduce them , take them around! That's how it works . Not only can it be to children , but to adults to . Say Hi, to the new teachers , such as Miss Clarke and Miss Paget !  They are all friends to us!

If a friend is down and wouldn't be able to talk about her/his feelings than try not to talk about it. Understand her/his emotions. Try talk about it thoroughly when the person is ready to say something. Take a walk around somewhere and settle.

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