Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday Highlight!

1. Candles blowing, people dancing and lots of presents! What more could you ask for a 21st birthday? 24th of july marked a very special day for a special grown man, by the name of Matthew. Matthew Schuster .  Every 21st had to be wild , but in my opinion this one was even wilder! At six o’clock I got out of the car only to see a crowd full of friends and whanau all gathering up for a special birthday. As I got in I could smell sweet senses of cake . Banana cake.

After all the eating and dancing , it was time for Matthew to receive his key of honour.  Lot’s of the elderly were giving speeches about memories and what should be done in the future for him. I was strongly amazed. Mat also gave a speech about his thoughts throughout the year. He did share a tiny tear too.

Overall the party was amazing! I got to know lots new people . My favorite part was seeing different items. The most worst part was leaving  the party. What an awesome night it was.

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  1. Riley M Auroa School, South Taranaki
    Hey Josephine that is a cool cake hope it tasted delicious. and hope your party was awseome.