Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip to Motat

Luckily a program had been settled for room 13 to have a chance to go to Motat. Room 13 had been looking forward with excitement . We went there because we wanted to learn about inventions, old trains and to see lots of stuff that we may or may not have seen before. A lady named Stacey showed us around and she told us where we were supposed to go. First we went in a nice and warm room to have our lunch, I could not eat my lunch because I was so excited. After eating we went walking around and we saw big and small bikes. We went in a room that was full of old things like phones, computers and other stuff that I have not seen before. After Stacey had talked to us, we had a look around. My favourite thing I saw was the Brownie camera. We got into a circle to tell Stacey what we had found, there were lots of things that people had seen. We went into our groups, my group was Kashya, Jordenne, Thea, Mary, Kashya’s mum and Sela. First we went to the red telephone, we thought it was fake but it was real. After that we went into We went to a place called Spacey’s. Spacey’s is a place full of science and techno stuff. I went to a place where you sit in the chair and you press the button and it starts to shake, it felt like the earthquake was really happening. I went to a yellow school locker and it was 3D. After that we went to a game room that was really fun because there was twister and connect 4 and there were blocks too. My favourite game was the Mario game, when you have to make Mario jump so he does not get hit. after that we went to the mirror maze, there were mirrors everywhere and it was very confusing. This experience was fun and inspiring because I got to see lots of inventions and see how they were Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger. This trip has helped me understand more about inventions.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School Uniform Plan.

The problem is that this month is winter and a Jumper and track pants is not enough, so we fixed it by using a jacket, the jacket contains polyester and a hoddie.

We had chosen this because this month is winter and a Jumper is not enough. the hoddie is to keep out rain from our heads.

It makes it better then before because it has a hoddie that keeps your head away from rain and keeps us warmer.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life or Death?

“Hurry up Josephine!” My annoying sister shouted. I was too scared to move. Roller coasters are my worst nightmare. Holding on tight, I screamed “ahhhhhhhh!”, as I screamed I looked on to the ground,I quickly closed my eyes ,but as I closed my eyes the ride was done .It was not so bad after all,I wanted to go again but I did not want to close my eyes again.