Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Glasgow Part 1

Here is all the facts I have found out from different sites! I hope you will read the facts and discover un-known things. 
Commonwealth Games started in 1930 and happens every 4 years!
This years Commonwealth games is held in Glasgow. Did you know glasgow is the largest city in Scotland?
When women in the commonwealth games ride their bikes, they wear special shoes that clip onto the pedals of the bikes! But to not hurt themselves when they fall they have to get off quickly!
In the commonwealth games 71 people participate and there are 17 games!
On the second day in march every year, an annual celebration for the commonwealth is held to mark the commonwealth’s achievements.
The commonwealth is made up of 53 member countries!
At the 2014 games there will be 6,500 athletes from 71 nations competing in 17 sports in 11 days.
The next Youth Commonwealth in september is held in samoa
Scotland has previously hosted the commonwealth twice, in 1970 and 1986 in edinburgh
More than two billion citizens, over half of whom are 25 years of age or less, and a quarter are under 5 years old.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Holiday Luck! 😍 😍

On an early Saturday morning, I was very lucky to go to the movies and watch ‘Dawn of The Planet of The Apes’ with my aunty, uncle and my cousin. As we got out of  the car, I was really eager to watch the movie already. When we entered the Hoyts movie theater, we could see a really long line of people waiting to buy tickets! And that wasn’t really usual. After ordering our popcorn and drinks, we made our way to the movie. As we entered I could see that most of the seats were reserved! Crossing my fingers I hoped the movie hadn't started!

Luckily as we sat down we were just in time for enjoying the movie! My highlight for the movie was that it has become one of my favorite movies now! The worst bit of the movie was when Koba shot Caesar when nobody looked. And Koba put the blame on the humans because he disliked humans! The part I mostly loved was when the apes started trusting the humans and continued as a family with the humans. So basically the movie, tells you about trusting others! Which I thought was amazing!

After watching a cool movie, my cousin and I went to go to the shoe clinic to check our feet. I was really nervous about hearing my actual size. As the lady measured my foot, I was shaking excitedly waiting to hear my new size! Overall, I turned out to be a womens  size 9! Wow, my feet must've grown a lot during netball! During our time at Footlocker, my aunt picked out great shoes. I really admired the colour of the outlines of the shoe!

My tummy started to rumble, so my aunt suggested that we should have lunch at Nandos. As I sat impatiently, I could smell tender chicken which got me even more excited! Finally my aunt brought the food to the table, my tummy rumbled even more. After eating a lot of chicken at Nandos, I could barely move. What a great way to have a holiday!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sound Animation

 Here is a sound animation that I have created during the past few weeks! p.s vote for point england and view our gigatown movie :) Josephine Sound from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Future Aspirations

Today I experienced one of the greatest things! This morning Point England Intermediate had a few special guests! Their names were Arizona, Jason, Constable Faireka and Andrew. Whilst I was doing my animation on the multimedia, Mrs Lagitupu stopped our class to line up for a meeting in the street. As I slowly got up, I felt really scared and tempted to go at the same time. I sat down in the street quiet as possible, I felt like not saying a word at all! Suddenly Mr. Jacobson started talking about when he was kid! At that, I was really confused. Then he said we were having a few visitors! 4  to be exact. I started listening to Mr Jacobson's speech, he says that he wanted to be an architect when he grew up. Looking at Mr. Jacobson, I thought his dream wasn't a success. But to him, being happy was what made him happy today. As we sang Mihi Mai Ra, I could see the 4 special visitors walking inside the street with Mrs Nua!

One of the visitors looked really familiar! As I scanned his face, I noticed he came to our school before! and he was Radio Person meaning he talks to people all over New Zealand through one mic. His name was Andrew and he was introducing himself. One of the most shocking things he said was that the visitors and him with ‘12 students’ are going to America to Stanford and more places. I really wanted to go! The first visitor that talked after Andrew was a teacher at Tamaki named Jason Shammar. He was talking about why he liked to teach and he encouraged us to follow our dreams and not follow our friends. Mr. Faireki was talking about what inspired him and why he wanted to be a police!

My favorite speaker was Arizona, she says that when she was small she talked a lot. She also said that she was shocked of how she got school captain. When Arizona was little, she talked a lot! And she could change all that talking into communicating talk meaning good talking! I thought that was amazing because I talk a lot to, you might not know I might be school captain like her!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adam Sandler

Full Name: Adam Richard Sandler
Occupations: Screen Writer, Film Producer, Actor, Comedian and Musician
Born: September 9th 1966 

Adam Sandler is known as an American actor from the movie Big Daddy and Grown Ups. Adam was originally born in Brooklyn, New York. Sandler is known as the son of Judy who is a school nurse. June 22 of 2003 marked the day Adam Richard Sandler married special actress Jacqueline Samantha Titone, who is now known as Jacqueline Samantha 'Sandler'. Sandler has been one of the greatest 'male' actor since I was a kid and I do hope that he does not retire!