Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Holiday Luck! 😍 😍

On an early Saturday morning, I was very lucky to go to the movies and watch ‘Dawn of The Planet of The Apes’ with my aunty, uncle and my cousin. As we got out of  the car, I was really eager to watch the movie already. When we entered the Hoyts movie theater, we could see a really long line of people waiting to buy tickets! And that wasn’t really usual. After ordering our popcorn and drinks, we made our way to the movie. As we entered I could see that most of the seats were reserved! Crossing my fingers I hoped the movie hadn't started!

Luckily as we sat down we were just in time for enjoying the movie! My highlight for the movie was that it has become one of my favorite movies now! The worst bit of the movie was when Koba shot Caesar when nobody looked. And Koba put the blame on the humans because he disliked humans! The part I mostly loved was when the apes started trusting the humans and continued as a family with the humans. So basically the movie, tells you about trusting others! Which I thought was amazing!

After watching a cool movie, my cousin and I went to go to the shoe clinic to check our feet. I was really nervous about hearing my actual size. As the lady measured my foot, I was shaking excitedly waiting to hear my new size! Overall, I turned out to be a womens  size 9! Wow, my feet must've grown a lot during netball! During our time at Footlocker, my aunt picked out great shoes. I really admired the colour of the outlines of the shoe!

My tummy started to rumble, so my aunt suggested that we should have lunch at Nandos. As I sat impatiently, I could smell tender chicken which got me even more excited! Finally my aunt brought the food to the table, my tummy rumbled even more. After eating a lot of chicken at Nandos, I could barely move. What a great way to have a holiday!

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