Friday, July 4, 2014

Future Aspirations

Today I experienced one of the greatest things! This morning Point England Intermediate had a few special guests! Their names were Arizona, Jason, Constable Faireka and Andrew. Whilst I was doing my animation on the multimedia, Mrs Lagitupu stopped our class to line up for a meeting in the street. As I slowly got up, I felt really scared and tempted to go at the same time. I sat down in the street quiet as possible, I felt like not saying a word at all! Suddenly Mr. Jacobson started talking about when he was kid! At that, I was really confused. Then he said we were having a few visitors! 4  to be exact. I started listening to Mr Jacobson's speech, he says that he wanted to be an architect when he grew up. Looking at Mr. Jacobson, I thought his dream wasn't a success. But to him, being happy was what made him happy today. As we sang Mihi Mai Ra, I could see the 4 special visitors walking inside the street with Mrs Nua!

One of the visitors looked really familiar! As I scanned his face, I noticed he came to our school before! and he was Radio Person meaning he talks to people all over New Zealand through one mic. His name was Andrew and he was introducing himself. One of the most shocking things he said was that the visitors and him with ‘12 students’ are going to America to Stanford and more places. I really wanted to go! The first visitor that talked after Andrew was a teacher at Tamaki named Jason Shammar. He was talking about why he liked to teach and he encouraged us to follow our dreams and not follow our friends. Mr. Faireki was talking about what inspired him and why he wanted to be a police!

My favorite speaker was Arizona, she says that when she was small she talked a lot. She also said that she was shocked of how she got school captain. When Arizona was little, she talked a lot! And she could change all that talking into communicating talk meaning good talking! I thought that was amazing because I talk a lot to, you might not know I might be school captain like her!

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