Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parts Of The Paragraph Burger!!

Burger Paragarph!!
 Do you know what  makes a good paragraph that is just full of ideas?!

A good introduction!
A paragraph needs Two complex sentences and one simple sentence!
Then you will need to do a really cool conclusion it's just like sharing your experience!

Remember to write a one whole main idea!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

A bowl of rice

A Bowl Of Rice!!

A Milling machine is a machine that crush's things like food!!

A threshing machine is a machine that pulls out the rice and the grain!!
When the rice is dry they pump the water on it!!


My Post is about my reading goals that need to be competed!!

My goal is to read and understand the book!!
I must follow the activites in and understanding way.

I will need to follow the instructions of my activity or test or reading a book!!

I need to read the book more then once so I can understand BEFORE I go to the activity!

I must complete the tasks quickly and neatly in time with out any rushing!

I should be able  to know the answres myself with out asking anyone else!

I totally love reading as my faviroute subject for school. I love to read books!
But though I try a little to understand!
I must try hard this year for my class!!

Remember to try the best you can in reading no matter what happends!!
Reading can help you write AND THINK OF IDEAS!!  If you want to know how miley cyrus came famouse or how justin bieber came famouse read about it and write about it!!!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Great Cooking Hobbie!!

I absolutely love cooking as my hobbies!!
Because I love cooking it's because cooking means you can help and help means respect witch is our topic for term 1.

I like cooking professional food like professional people!
I LOVE to watch cooking shows!
Also love cooking games.

When I have cooking as my Hobie I am inspired so much!

My favourite part of cooking would be chopping the vegetables or the fruit either way.
I love the pouring in,  it has a sound of relaxation!!
Also the coolest part is mixing the bowl and cooking inside the pan!
I love the sound of sizzling!

I hope one day I will cook for my own school and you will cook for the people who you love!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Goals For Sports!

My Goal for sports is to be alot more better and never give up at any time!
I will go to my trainings in the right place, right time with the right attitude.
I will do the things that my coach will say!
I must follow the rules wile playing a tournament or a normal game or a final game!
My goals must show that I have really done the best I can do for 2012!
This year I want to try out for netball like my sister and Touch too like my brother and sister!
Remember to try your goals and be the best at your goals!

REMEMEBER: Do your goals no matter what!!!!!!

One Direction!!!

One Direction is my best band of all time!!!
They sing so wonderful that their fans will SMILE!!
I really LOVE their music videos and their singing too!!
My faviroute song would Be ONE THING!!!
I totally love that song it so much inspires me it gives me lots of inspiration.
They are the coolest boy band EVER!

 Love the photo...... COOL!!!

When School started in 2012!!!

When I walked along The Path at school I was so excited to meet my new Classroom!!
As I kept on walking I saw My best friends Ana, Jordeene, Gloria, Sela and Laita But the rest were not there yet. When I saw them I raced  To the door Just to give them a hug. We saw Miss King's Beautiful face through the window!

She opened the door for us to get in. We Hugged her when she told us to come in. "I really missed you guys!" Miss King said. "I missed you too!" I replied in my head!! The rest of my friends had finnaly come!!
"WELCOME YOU GIRLS!!" I said in my thoughts.

My Goal of  2012 is to get better and be better  So I can recieve something at the end of the year!!

Really Miss Room 13 and Miss King!!!
2012 has appeared!!!

Really hopev we all have a safe and happy year and a great SUPERB YEAR!!

It really has been a great fantastic year in 2011.

Crazy, Laughter, good days, netbooks also courage going around the class room!!



Miss you kashya and chyna hope you guys have a great year too!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Rihana is a wonderful singer with a beautiful glowing voice.
We all love her songs that we hear.
It is a really good thing that she has her own albums and that she can always sing her songs!!
We love the best of her..
My best song would be You da one I love that one it reminds me of the  great times I used to have with the people that I love!!!!
We all  love her and we all wish her the best with her songs and her albums!!

We really luv ur songs!!

Chris brown!!!

Chris brown was a great singer and rapper and he was also a Wonderful person!!
He had a great career as an awesome singer!

All his song's were funky,cool,awesome,talented and really interesting!!
he loved to rap  and sing and I think he liked to dance, But that does not matter.
When I first heard his song I started to listen to it Lot's of time's, My favourite song would be beautiful people, I LOVED THAT SONG!!.

He was the best singers of all time.....


With the start of each new day
I find myself thinking of you......
In the middle of a busy day......
My mind wanders and I think of you.....
Out of nowhere  I see your smile...
Hear your love and I start to think of you again...
Life is so beautiful now because i've fallin here
All over again each time I think of you!!!!

This poem was dedicated to Miss king and Miss oauno You ladys are the BEST!!

Going pools with my best friend angel

On a really hot day, my friends family and I went to the pools just to celebrate her cousin Miea's birthday.
We went with her mom and her aunt and uncle also freinds and cousin including me. First we stayed at her house for a while just to have a little rest in her living room,for about 20 minutes. Then it was time to go. my friend angel was so excited!!!. Angels mom had called us  to put our bags in the boot, we had to go inside the van.  As we were in the van  all i could hear was chattering sourounded over me . finnaly we made it to the pools. Angel and i went to go get changed into our togs. Our first choice was the hydroslides. So we went up the long stairs and finnaly made it to the hydroslide. I sat down just getting ready for the slide until I was ready. So I went  down and i was so scared that I did not scream. suddenly I saw light in my way then it was done . I was so lucky that I faced my fears. after that I chose to go to the splash sprinkler. first I saw a fountain and I splashed as fast as I could. And then  I went to eat and chill in the pool.

Going pools with my friend was a really cool thing and it also made my friend enjoy playing with her friends and family also having a great time.c:.

Duffy Theater!!!

On a really hot Wednesday, Room 14 went to the Duffy theater. When we had entered the hall  I looked at a lady that was part of Duffy theater. I gasped as I saw the rest of the character’s getting ready for the show. This show was going to be superb.  First of all they introduced themselves, then they got changed into their costumes.... Now the show was about to begin. The message of the show is that when you do not know how to read a book ask your sisters or brothers read it to you and then in time you will learn how to read!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Acrostic Poem to Whitney Housten!!!

My lovely poem!!

 Whitney was the best singers of all time
 Hope she is safe and that she is shiny just like a dime
In heaven she will receive something that she would want
The saddest thing
Not so good at all
EVOL stands backward for love
You should look up and think of her.............

Monday, February 13, 2012


Sitting happiley on the mat we were so excited  about the netbooks Miss burt came in to help us get our netbook.
First of all she introduced a lady that  can also help us too.
Then mr burt and nevyn also mrs tele'a came in with smiles.

First Miss burt held a little box that had our netbooks inside of it.
Everyone gasped as they saw it, But there were 2 experts in the class  that did not gasp and their names is Josephine and lesieli the hussler experts.

 First we opened our box and saw a peace of cloth covering our netbook....

to be continued......

my activity for reading

Josh and the Tooth Fairy

1. Where do you put your teeth for the tooth fairy? Under my pillow or under my mat.

2. What does the tooth fairy leave for you? What do you do with it?         Because the tooth fairy  collects children’s tooth’s, I just put it under my pillow or under the mat because  a fairy can put a lucky gold coin under it.

3. What sort of farm does Josh live on? josh lived in a country farm.

4. Write a question to match each of these answers:

Qwhat did the fairy leave for him?
a. a small pile of hay

b. two huge chompers
not sure

what does his nan do with her teeth. c. a glass of water

what did he see?
d. shiny gold coin

the tooth fairy came?
e. the tooth fairy

5. Why do you think dad chose to put his ‘big cow tooth’ underneath the mat in the kitchen?
So the fairy will find it
6. Why do you think the Tooth Fairy had left a small pile of hay?


Recipe For an awsome Point Englander!!!



2.DONT Ignore others,

3.Help your friends,

4.Do as your told,

5. Have fun and have a Smile

How to use your  ingredients.....

1.Respect - respect your family and friends and your friends family also, respect the loving ones and mostly respect your teacher and your class mates , esspecially respect your school.

2.Do not Ignore - Do not ignore your Teacher your friends and also your principal when they ask you something.

3.Help your friends - Help your friends when they are felling down or when they need help on their work, help you friends when they really need someone

4.When your teacher tells you something like go help that person, just remeber you do not just go sit down and do something else you will need to do as your told.

5.When you have done all of those things you can have fun with all your friends and also have a happy joyful smile. :D :D :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Angel N Josephine are happiley friends

My friend Angel and I have great Friendships to each other.
We share great stories together too.
We love hangin out with her familey.
We have great times that we totally enjoy!!
Angel n I have alot in common!!

Will never be forgotten Whitney housten.....

Whitney Housten was one of the greatest singers of  all time......

She was a so  Lovingful person she was a great wonderful singer.
She had beutiful glowing voice that made everyone smile.
It is so sad that Whitney has beened missed out.

In Lovingful Memory of...

Whitney Housten will not be forgotten...

We really miss you and love you.....


One of the greatest thing about Miss ouano and Miss King!!

These words are the thing that are so great about Mrs King n Miss Oauno.....

Have lots of energy


And lets not all forget young great women that are prepared to teach cool kids how to choose the right and women that are so much luving......

You will never be fogetten as my faviroute two teachers especially Miss Wonderful King and luvful daughter too.

My brother going to Australia

When my brother had left to Australia some things had started to change around the house.
But luckily I had my sister to cheer me up, well sorta cheer me up.
I have heard that he is safe and that he is having fun with  my grandpa and my mums little brothers also sisters and that was the good thing about him going to Australia.
When he came back I was so glad  also my cousins too.
It was so lucky that he came back safely with a great big fantastic smile.
He showed me something that was for me , I  opened the box and it was a shiny new pair of nike.

It was so great for him to come back ,It was so great that my grandpa and my aunt kim took great care.......

I Love my big family in Australia......

N lets not foget my greatest granpa in the world