Friday, February 17, 2012

Going pools with my best friend angel

On a really hot day, my friends family and I went to the pools just to celebrate her cousin Miea's birthday.
We went with her mom and her aunt and uncle also freinds and cousin including me. First we stayed at her house for a while just to have a little rest in her living room,for about 20 minutes. Then it was time to go. my friend angel was so excited!!!. Angels mom had called us  to put our bags in the boot, we had to go inside the van.  As we were in the van  all i could hear was chattering sourounded over me . finnaly we made it to the pools. Angel and i went to go get changed into our togs. Our first choice was the hydroslides. So we went up the long stairs and finnaly made it to the hydroslide. I sat down just getting ready for the slide until I was ready. So I went  down and i was so scared that I did not scream. suddenly I saw light in my way then it was done . I was so lucky that I faced my fears. after that I chose to go to the splash sprinkler. first I saw a fountain and I splashed as fast as I could. And then  I went to eat and chill in the pool.

Going pools with my friend was a really cool thing and it also made my friend enjoy playing with her friends and family also having a great time.c:.

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