Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paralympics 2012

paralympic Games Is A sporting event that has athletes with physical disabilities. There are twenty events in the paralympic games.

The paralympics are an international multi- sport event. Where athletes with disabilities compete .  The Paralympics include people with Amputations , in wheelchairs even blind.

The paralympic games has lots of events such as, Wheelchair Basketball, Gold Ball, Sitting Volleyball and Para-Equestrian.   Almost all  of these paralympic events have the same rules except the way they play may be changed.

The london 2012 paralympic will start on August the 29th. There are 4,200 athletes competing in twenty different events. The summer 2012 paralympic games will be the 14th paralympics. The games will be on the 29th of august to the 9th of september.

Here are some of the people who are competing Eleanor Simmonds, David Weir and Lee Patersons. These people represent  their country for the international Multi-Sport event in the paralympic games. We have wished them luck with all the best.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dans Days Saturday

Dans Sisters great Idea was to make a history book of Chops. Dan put the photo on the notice board. Dad wrote the Chops name in Graffiti. Dans family had dinner with Stravos and Elise's family. They did a dingo which is a type of dance. Dan thought dad was be clever as a boy because he would remember things. Dan was Embaressed because his parents were dancing. Chops would enjoy the party because this party was deddicated to him.

Dan's Days friday

Dan and his family cried a lot last night.Dan reminded them that chops would howl every time someone would be hurt. His sister told the time how chops protected them from the snake. He kept barking till his mother and father came out. They told stories about chops because they missed him.

Dan's Days thursday

Dan will never forget Thursday's it would almost be the same day as any other day. While dad driving Dan to school, they all fighted over the radio station. Dad wasn't being fair at all. Today Sean was not being fair because he did not let anyone play on the courts. The teacher said it could be fair if he let everyone play on the courts. Dan wished his teacher could come with him in the morning because she's always fair. Something sad happened chops was sick and died everyone cried:(

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cross Country 2012

While standing on the reserve I felt so nervous and excited, I had butterflies in my stomach that wouldn't stop. “Girls come up” Said Mr. Burt, MY fingers started to tangle up!

“ On your marks...... Get set... GO” Said Mr  burt! As I was running my feet splashed into a Pound of  puddles , I was so eager to finish.  As soon as I got to Miss. V  I felt so exhausted that I tried not to give up! Running on the stairs was my favorite part of cross country because my feet would go up and down which doesn't get me exhausted ! I’d prefer running on stairs for cross country!  

“ Almost there” Said Miss squires !  With a heavy heart I ran as Fast as I could!  I ran through the path, I tried my best to make it . While running my face felt a little bit temper and my heart felt pumped! It was so exhausting . My feet squished into the mud. As I went through the park my legs started to get tired! On my way to the finish line I felt really happy that I almost made it. 

I am very proud of myself for trying to do my best! Cross country was fun because we running so hard that we lost our breath.Next year my goals are never giving up at any time. I'm so excited for next year.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Dad:)

I'd Just like to celebrate my fathers birthday today! I wish him a very happy wish him the best long life:) My dad works hard for our family! Thank you for helping me to do my part to strengthen an eternal Family :) Happy early birthday My brother and sister! Can not wait......

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silver turned into gold!

An all star Valerie Adams had been defeated by a Belarus lady, who had been found on drugs! Meaning that Belarus had cheated on shot-put.  This was an absolute shocking moment . Valerie finally had her chance to win and get herself into gold:)

The message was delivered  to Valerie in Switzerland while she was in her car, but Ostapchuck stated that she was not on drugs.

My thoughts is that I'm very proud of Valerie because she had chose an option to go hard and do the right thing:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dan's Days Chapter 3!

It was wednesday and dan had a family tradition of having a feast with the special part of the family! Grandpa gave dan and his little sister one dollar coins , Dans sister thinks that Grandpa does not like one dollar. Dan had found an old guitar that smelt really stinky. Dan and his mom cleaned up the guitar , he felt like the famous rockstar and his sister helped him with his hair. Dan found an oval next to grannys house meaning he found a field! He practiced soccer! Grandpa used to have another tradition about driving the kids around but he can not drive any longer! He’s in a wheelchair. But Dan’s little sisters job is to push Grandpa’s Wheelchair.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Lucky Day!

My lucky day is about chatting with one of my BIG inspiration in the state of Honolulu Hawaii her name is Tiara Rapp! She is from 8flavahz which is my all time favorite crew. She has so much talent! Also Tiara and her twin Tamara are mostly the tricksters of the group meaning she can do flips and gymnastics stuff!  I have watched some of their items on Americas best dance crew and it made me feel so happy to watch them perform 10 items on Americas best dance crew !

I told her that she and her twin have inspirations and have lots of cool talent! Then she left a smiley face my for me! It was just AMAZING! here are some photos of her and her crew!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jaira Miller !

Jaira Miller is the best dancer of the world to me! Jaira is in a show that I've always wanted to be in which is called Americas best dance crew! Millers crew was called 8flavahz which is a group that gives me inspiration!  I am mostly amazed about how they have different personality's!

 She is my faviroute Idol and type of dancer
I am seriously a number 1 Fan!
Here are some photos:

Dans Days!

 Today my group read an interesting book called Dans days aged 9! Chapter 2!

Dan was nervous for breakfast actually he didn't really eat breakfast because  he wanted to make dad very proud, So he pretended to eat and his dog chops helped him! Then his big sister caught him she didn't  tell but he owed her! When dan and his friends got to school they were barely starving when they got to school his tommy was rumbling then he and his friends did their acrobatic show in front of the class! At the end everyone clapped including the friends of the bully sean! Then sean glared at them and they  stopped! Him and his friends were happy! Then it was lunch time Dan said " lunch never tasted good!".  He said that because he was starving again!