Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cross Country 2012

While standing on the reserve I felt so nervous and excited, I had butterflies in my stomach that wouldn't stop. “Girls come up” Said Mr. Burt, MY fingers started to tangle up!

“ On your marks...... Get set... GO” Said Mr  burt! As I was running my feet splashed into a Pound of  puddles , I was so eager to finish.  As soon as I got to Miss. V  I felt so exhausted that I tried not to give up! Running on the stairs was my favorite part of cross country because my feet would go up and down which doesn't get me exhausted ! I’d prefer running on stairs for cross country!  

“ Almost there” Said Miss squires !  With a heavy heart I ran as Fast as I could!  I ran through the path, I tried my best to make it . While running my face felt a little bit temper and my heart felt pumped! It was so exhausting . My feet squished into the mud. As I went through the park my legs started to get tired! On my way to the finish line I felt really happy that I almost made it. 

I am very proud of myself for trying to do my best! Cross country was fun because we running so hard that we lost our breath.Next year my goals are never giving up at any time. I'm so excited for next year.

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